PAST SIMPLE ИЛИ PAST PERFECT (Слова в предложениях поставите в нужную форму)HELPThe teaher was a stranger to me.I never (see) her before.The house was very quiet when I (get) home.We felt happier when they (leave).She gave him ghe book his teacher (recommend).They (finish) the translation by five o,clock.She got a message saying he (pass) the exam.We (go) out to ask them for a drink,but the pub (close).At six o,clock he (know) they were not coming.She ( go on) with the story where her Mother (stop).Tom wasn,t at home when I (arrive).He just (go) home.Margaret was late for work.Her friend (be) very surprised.She never (be) late before.There was nobody in the sitting-room when I (get) home.Everybody (go) to bed.I didn,t recognize him.

Had never seen
had recommended
had finished
had passed
went, was
had knew
went on, had stopped
had never been
had gone

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