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Текст слайда: 400th anniversary of Romanov House

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Текст слайда: Michael Romanov, Tsar of Russia What century did Michael come to the throne? What enemies attacked Russia that time? Who defeated them? What age was Michael crowned? Did he have a real power? Who helped him during his reign? 21-4

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Текст слайда: Peter the Great 1.Born in Moscow, in 1672. 2 Proclaimed as a Tsar at the age of 10. 3 Liked to play soldiers, organized a toy army, members of which later became his generals. 4 Visited many European countries with Russian delegation called “Grand Embassy”. 5.Founded the Russian Navy 6 Defeated Sweden Army in Northern War 7. Russian Church lost its independence and power under his reign. 8. Reformed education and government in Russia that made it modern and powerful European country 9. Died in 1725, buried in St.Petersburg

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Текст слайда: Windsor and Romanov Family Tree Queen Victoria King Edward VII King George V King George VI Queen Elizabeth II Princess Alice Tsarina Alexandra Tsar Nicholas II Princess Elizabeth Prince Sergei Grand Duchesses and Tsarevich Alexey ?

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Текст слайда: Royal Martyrs of Russia Revolution in 1917 put an end to Romanov reign Nicholas II renounced to the throne Royal family was arrested and sent to Yekaterinburg A few months later they were gunned down and their bodies were put to this pit called Ganina Yama Tsar Nicholas ‘ greatcoat is kept in Russian Church in London

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Текст слайда: Romanov Descendants 1. Where was Rostislav born? 2. What did he prepare to the 400th anniversary of Romanov House? 3. What does he do in Russia? 4 Does he like Russia? In the USA A watch He is a watch designer Very much

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Текст слайда: The Romanovs haven’t ruled for about 100 years, so why do we celebrate this anniversary? The people who don’t remember their Past Don’t have their Future Patriarch Alexey II

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Текст слайда: Quiz Princess Elizabeth, Tsanina Alexandra’s sister was famous for her charitable work. She founded Marfo-Mariinsky Convent in Moscow Westminster Abbey

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