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Текст слайда: Made by Burmistrov Artyom Form 6 Davydovskaya School

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Текст слайда: Basketball Superstitions The last person to shoot a basket during the warm-up will have a good game. Wipe the soles of your sneakers for good luck. Bounce the ball before taking a foul shot for good luck.

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Текст слайда: Baseball Superstitions Spitting into your hand before picking up the bat is said to bring good luck. A wad of gum stuck on a player's hat brings good luck. It is bad luck if a dog walks across the diamond before the first pitch. Some players believe it is good luck to step on one of the bases before running off the field at the end of an inning. It is bad luck to touch the baselines while running off and onto the field between innings. Lending a bat to a fellow player is a serious jinx. Some players actually sleep with their bat to break out of a hitting slump or stay in a groove. If a pitcher is throwing a perfect game or a no-hitter, never speak of it while it's going on.

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Текст слайда: Bowling Superstitions To continue a winning streak, wear the same clothes. The number 300, a perfect score, on your license plate will increase your score. Carry charms on your bowling bag, in your pockets, or around your neck for good luck.

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Текст слайда: Fishing Superstitions Fish may not bite if a barefoot woman passes you on the way to the dock. Spit on your bait before casting your rod to make fish bite. Throw back your first catch for good luck. It is bad luck to change rods while fishing. Don't tell anyone how many fish you've caught until you're done or you won't catch another.

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Текст слайда: Football Superstitions Double numbers on a player's uniform brings good luck. It's bad luck for a professional football player to take a new number when he is traded to another team. A mascot is an important good luck symbol.

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Текст слайда: Golf Superstitions Start only with odd-numbered clubs. Balls with a number higher than 4 are bad luck. Carry coins in your pockets for good luck.

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Текст слайда: Ice Hockey Superstitions It is bad luck for hockey sticks to lie crossed. It is bad luck to say “shutout” in the locker room before a game. Players believe they'll win the game if they tap the goalie on his shin pads before a game. Many players must put their pads and skates on in exactly the same order every day.

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Текст слайда: Rodeo Superstitions Always put the right foot in the stirrup first. Avoid wearing the color yellow. Always shave before a competition (for men only!)

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Текст слайда: Tennis Superstitions It's bad luck to hold more than two balls at a time when serving. Avoid wearing the color yellow. Walk around the outside of the court when switching sides for good luck. Avoid stepping on the court lines.

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Текст слайда: Rugby The famous New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks, perform an ancient Maori dance called the «Haka» before each match. It’s a very dramatic sight, and even if it doesn’t help the All Blacks to win, it’ll definitely frighten the opposing team!

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