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Текст слайда: Welcome to the Capital of Great Britain Потихо Людмила Степановна, учитель английского языка МОУ «Гимназия№1» г. Хабаровска

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Текст слайда: A Tour Guide Around London Hello! Nice to meet you! Welcome to the capital of Great Britain. You have a great opportunity to visit one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in the world.

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Текст слайда: Top London’s Attractions

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Текст слайда: The Tower of London The Tower has been part of the capital’s history for the past 900 years. The fortress first built by William the Conqueror as a citadel, royal palace, seat of the government. The Tower now protects the Crown Jewels.

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Текст слайда: St Paul’s Cathedral St Paul’s Cathedral is the spiritual centre of the City. It was first built in 1666. The present building is the fifth cathedral to built built on the site. The architect of the baroque-style building was Sir Christopher Wren. St Paul’s Cathedral `is a fitting final place for many of the nation’s heroes.

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Текст слайда: Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Square is the popular place for political rallies and meetings. The Admiral Lord Nelson’s statue surveys the memorial to his great naval victory in 1805. The Admiral’s statue looks towards the House of Parliament. To the other side of the column are fountains.

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Текст слайда: Houses of Parliament Houses of Parliament stands on the River Thames at Westminster. It begun in 1840 after a Great Fire of London. It is officially known as the Palace of Westminster. The complex includes the House of Commons, the House of Lords, Westminster Hall, and the 320 foot high Clock Tower. It contains the world famous sight Big Ben.

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Текст слайда: Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey has been closely connected with the Crown over 900 years. The Abbey was rebuilt in the 11th century by a king Edward the Confessor. The Abbey contains monuments to monarchs. It is the meeting place for Parliament from the 14th to the 16th centuries.

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Текст слайда: Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace is the best known royal palace in the world. It was build in 1703. When Her Majesty the Queen is in the residence, the Royal Standard flutters over the east front. The palace is open to public in August and September.

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Текст слайда: Piccadilly Piccadilly is the centre of entertainment. It is the meeting point of six streets. Here you can find the most expensive shops, restaurants and entertainment places. This centre was created in 1980s.

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Текст слайда: Exercises on texts Do the crossword puzzle Match the sights and their names Tick the appropriate dates Fill in the sentences with the words in the table Share your impression on the tour guide around London

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Текст слайда: Match the sights and their names The Tower of London Piccadilly The British Museum The Houses of Parliament Buckingham Palace Westminster Abbey

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Текст слайда: Tick the appropriate dates: Answer

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Текст слайда: Check yourself

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Текст слайда: Fill in the sentences with the words in the table is the capital of Great Britain. London is the one of the largest in the world. There is a Nelson’s Column in the centre of is the meeting point of six streets. is the seat of the British government. Covent Garden is a fashionable trading Buckingham Palace is the London home of the London Queen cities Trafalgar Square centre Piccadilly Circus The Houses of Parliament Сheck your answers

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Текст слайда: Share your impressions on the Tour Guide Around London Use this plan: The places you like most. Where are they in London? The dates connected with the sights.

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Текст слайда: Литература London’s Top Forty Attractions, published by Unichrome (Bath) Limited, 1997 Счастливый английский, Т.Б. Клементьева, Москва «Просвещение» Оригинальные проспекты и буклеты по Британии www.holidaym.ru www.speedlink.co.uk/ www.protoplex.ru/news show/1912

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