Помогите ответить на вопросы.1 What do you often receive as a birthday present? 2 What would ypu like to receive as a birthday gift? 3 What food is usually served in your family at birthday parties? 4 What do you usually wish a person on his her birthday? 5 When do you say happy birthday to a person? 6 What wish would you like to come true in five years? 7)Which room do you decorate on your birthday? How?

1) For his birthday I often get candy and soft toys.
2) For his birthday, I would like to receive the pink makeup.
3) On my birthday is usually served fried chicken and potatoes.
4) Friends birthday want candy.
5) I congratulate each other happy birthday on the phone or when I see him on the street.
6) I want five years, I graduated from high school well.
7) I decorated my room balls, drawings and festive table.

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