Вопросы и ответы по английскому языку

Укажите 2ю и 3ю форму слов to sing .to give
Dab:listen boys. Do you remember it is your mothers birthday tomorrow? We could arrange a party for her couldn’t we? Jack:… Bob: Not a bad idea! Let»s think about it right now. Jack: I know! I’II be responsible for the music. Dab: I’m going to … And you Bob? Bob: … Jack: Am I? Why me? I think we should make a birthday cake together..? Dab:..
Что необычного в предложении «The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog»?
как вы скажите это по английски? их питомцы — ? их дети — ? наш доктор — ? наши соседи — ? наше любимое блюдо — ? твои сёстры — ?
Задание:Find the odd words. 1 What did were you doing at seven oclock yesterday evening? 2 Who was playing the guitar when you came? 3 Were you were watching TV when she phoned? 4 They were reading a book when Mum did came?
диалог на английском языке покупателя и продавца в продуктовом магазине.(с переводом)
Вставить глагол в нужной «to have» форме 1. my mather …. her own business 2. margie and her sister … nice office 3. …. you …. a new secretary? yes, i…. 4. our boss …. many offers from England. 5. his company …. several contracts with GMZ.
Составить рассказ о домашнем животном о кошке . расскажи о ней: кто это, возраст , цвет, что умеет делать
Change the sentences into the Passive Voice They built this house ten years ago
Напиши речення в заперечній формі:We were in Ivano-Frankivsk last summer.I want to spend my holidays at home. Ruslan will go to the zoo on Tuesday.