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Записать общий вопрос и отрицательный ответ They lave to go the park. We are able to verify dictation. He vent to the, cinema. She can help you.We had to play football. He must do Lu’s lessons. We can use the computer.
Помоги мне пожалуйстаа ты моя последняя надеждаа только 9 и 12
Joing the parts of the statements to make up a sroty. 1)When i go to the forest a)i will stop to listen to it 2)if i see a beautiful flower b)i won t frighten it 3)if i find good mushrooms c)i will sit on the grass 4)if i see a hedgehod e)i will give the mushrooms to mu mum 5)if ai meet a fox f)i will put them into my basket 6)when i hear the trill of a bird g)i will take a basket 7)if i find berries h)i won t be afraid of it 8)when i come home i)i will admire it
Помогите пожалуйста 2)
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Правила поведения в семье на английском. НАПИШИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Решите пожалуйста,очень нужно,до завтра
Вопрос:He’s a writer of average ability and his stories are …..ответы :a)unremarkable b)attractive c)stunning d)effortless какой ответ вставляется вместо ……
Choose the appropriate words to complete the sentences. 1) My friend Paul is very musical: he can beat (out/up) the rhythm of any melody he hears. 2) Nothing gives me greater (delight/wealth) than spending time with my best friends. 3) After our football team lost the final game, everyone felt (touchy/disappointed). 4) The girl has a (sharp/plump) tongue: her words often hurt people. 5) It’s common knowledge that dogs (bark/roar) and lions (bark/roar). 6) The old key (for/to) the door was lost and then found. 7) The company is carrying out some important (search/research) connected with IT. 8) The colour of the morning sky was beautiful (plump/pale) blue. 9) Sofia always knows what she wants, she is terribly (self-satisfied/self-confident). 10) I’d like to say that I (admit/appreciate) your kindness. You’ve helped me a lot. 11) If you feel (red/blue), listen to your favourite music or watch a good comedy. 12) I don’t like Jeremy, I think he is too (big-headed/easy-going) можно перевод
Помогите перевести. фото пока что нет, но сейчас уже будет