Вопросы и ответы по английскому языку

Задание по инглишу. Увы я личность ленивая, английский вообще не знаю :D Переведите на английский язык: 1. Вас уже пригласили к Мери на вечеринку? 2.Вчера в 9 обсуждали этот фильм. 3. Где ты был все это время? 4. Иногда ее приглашают в театр. 5. Куда ты идешь? Я иду в библиотеку. 6. Не входите! Там осматривают ребенка. 7. Он звонил тебе вчера? 8. Статью перевели вчера. 9. Я иногда хожу работать в библиотеку. 1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form: 1. I (not play)____________________ much foot¬ball since I (leave)____________________ school. 2. Our luggage (examine)_________________ at the Customs now. Any luggage going abroad (check)____________________ usually here. 3. She (adore)_____________ French perfume but I can't guess what perfume she (wear) ____________________ tonight. 4. She (teach)____________________ music in her childhood. 5. We (walk)____________________ in silence for 5 minutes, then he (speak)____________________. 6. When I came to the skating-rink he (teach)____________________ to skate by his elder brother.
Заполните пропуски словосочетаниями в нужной форме.to go for a walk, wonderful, on his way, to decide, to be on, to buy, to telephone, a performance, to like, to be over, to take a taxi, to listen to, on the radio, good Last Saturday Mr.Titov……. in the afternoon. I was spring and it was……. outside. …….. he saw a theatre box-office and………to buy tickets for the Maly Theatre. «A Man From Stratford»……….. on Saturday and on Sunday. But there were no tickets for the Sunday performance, there were tickets only for the Saturday performance at the box-office. Mr. Titov……. two tickets for the Saturday performance. It was already late and he decided not to go home. He…….. his wife and she came to the theatre just in time for ….. . The performance was……. .They……. it very much. It……. at a quarter past ten. Mr. Titov and his wife….. and came home at a quarter to eleven. It was not very late and they had time…… the news…… .
Перепишитепредложения из активного залога в пассивный Nobody has used this room for ages.We will give you the keys tomorrow.Someone is interviewing Dr Johnson at the moment.By the time I arrived, someone had already opened all your letters.We usually talk briefly about the problems of the family at dinner time.
Переведите из прямой речи в косвенную: 1)» I want to know how your cousin likes working at this hospital»,said Vera to Helen. 2)He said:» I seledom wentto see my friend in may as i was very busy». 3)»Sit still and dont move your head»,said the doctor to me. 4)»Buy some bread on your way home,»said mother to her son.
ПомогитеПожалуйста спасибо
ПРОИЗНОШЕНИЕ ЭТОГО ТЕКСТА. КАК ЧИТАЕТСЯ ПО РУССКИ ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЙЛУСТА!!!!!ln 1887 a new language was invented by Dr Zamenhof,who was born in Poland.He lived a great part opf his life in Russia.This new language was called Esperanto.It was a mixture of a number of European languages and it had a very simple grammar.Dr Zamenhof believed as a second language.It was very easy to learn and rich enough to express thoughts and feelings. But the language has not been very popular or successful.Russia is one of countries where Esperanto is still alive.Today only a small number of people in the world can speak it.
4. Read and complete the sentences. Use the words: to attend, to go camping, to take swimming lessons, to meet, seaside, music, wonderful, exciting.1. How was your trip last summer? — It was……2.I think we will …..in the mountains next year. 3. What do you do after classes? — I…..and …..the schoolLiterature Club.4. What kind of…..are you listening to?5. It's nice …..you!6. We had a….. time at the…..in Spain last year.
1. Givethe plurals of the following nouns:1. Hat, box, day, desk, clock, bus, list, toy, address, brush, face, family, puppy, book, wife, scarf, knife, video, tomato, tree, zoo, shop, man, woman, child, tooth, foot, ox, deer, means, volcano, church.2. Schoolboy, postman, hotel-keeper, mother-in-law, passer-by, man-servant, woman-doctor, businessman, step-daughter, fingertip, customs-house, forget-me-not, Englishman.
Put the verb into the correct form.Example: Please be silent for a while. I am listening (listen) tj the news. Don t speak so loud. The child isn t sleeping yet. 1. Please be quiet. I______(try) to sleep 2. Look! It______(rain) 3.Why_____(you/look) at me like that? Am I green or something? 4. You_____(make) a lot of noise. Can you be a bit quieter? 5. Excuse me, I______(look) for a phone box. Where can I find one? 6.(in the theatre) It s a good play, isn t it?_________(you/enjoy) it? 7. Listen! Can you hear these children next door? They____(cry) again 8. Why_____(you/wear) your fur coat today? It s very warm 9. I______(not/go) to school this week. I m on a holiday 10. I want to lose weight. I______(not/eat) sweets now.
Составьте предложение со словами(на английском): to be unhappy, liberty, to create, to allow, to forbid, to be tolerant, to announce, to help, crietly,stranger, to have different values, to bully