Вопросы и ответы по английскому языку

№13I. Откройте скобки, употребив глагол в правильной вре¬менной форме. Dear Ann, I (to write)____________to you because I hope that you will help me. If you (to answer)__________my letter as soon as you can I (to be)_________grateful to you. A strange thing (to happen)____________to me yesterday. You of course know my friend George. He (to move)____________to a new flat recently. We (to meet)______in 1987 and (to be)__________ friends ever since. I (to invite)_______________to his housewarming party a few days ago. The thing is that when I (to speak)_______________to him on the phone, the doorbell (to ring)__________I (to hang)_________ up and when I returned the paper with his address on it (to disappear) ____________________So I don't know where he lives. Maybe you can help me. Steve. II. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо. It was … beautiful day although there were … few clouds in the sky. We went for … walk by … sea and then decided to visit … Johnsons who live next to … Lake Erewash. As we had left … car by … hotel we were staying at we went there by train. We had … dinner at their place and had … very enjoyable time. III. Вставьте правильный предлог или послелог, где необ¬ходимо. 1. It doesn't matter … me if we go out … dinner or eat at home. 2. We are going … holiday … next month and I am looking forward … it. 3. I apologized … Ann … keeping her late.
Упр. 10. Употребите личные или притяжательные местоимения в нужной форме.1. The girls are here, … came early. 2. When Roger saw Ann … spoke to …. 3. The boss left an hour ago. I didn't see …. 4. Sam met Ann at the entrance, … showed … the pictures. 5. The Browns have moved into a new flat. … gave new address, so I can visit…. 6. Jane is … sister…. is older than … am. 7. Thank… for the book… gave …, … is very interesting. 8…. flat is on the third floor, … windows face the sea. 9. I invite … to a party at … place. …hope … will bring … husband with … . 10. … like to visit … friends who live not far from … house. 11. Mary and … cousin are spending … holidays in Brighton. … have both visited before. 12. Bill takes .., guitar lesson on Monday. … is the only day … is free after college. 13. I am happy that … cat found … kitten.
Срочно!!!!!! помогите пожалуйста! составить речення сget a good dealtake an hourtake photosget a decent wagetake holidaysбуду очень благодарна)
1. When the weather (get) warmer, I (start) practising again. 2. «Come in,» she said. «I (see) if he (be) at home.» 3. Come and see me when you(come) up to town and we (talk) everything over. 4. If my friends (come) in, please ask them to wait in the picture gallery. 5. He (want) to know if you (be) free tomorrow morning at 10.00. 6.1 (wonder) when they (write) to us. 7.1 (be) down at your office at 12 tomorrow. 8. When things (get) a little more settled, we (come) to see you. 9. They can't tell me when they (be) free. 10. Go straight on till you (come) to a fountain at the corner of the street; then turn left and you (find) this shop on your right. 11. When you (come) to the main road remember to stop and look both ways before you (cross). 12. Ask them when they (move) to a new flat. 13. «I want to get to the bottom of the valley.» — «You must be careful when you (go) down because the slope of the hill (be) very slippery.» 14. «I (be) glad when I (get) to the top!» 15. He doesn't say when he (come) back. 16. «Give this message to your teachers as soon as you (come) to school,» said his mother. — «All right,» said the boy running out. — «I (be) sure it (be) still in his pocket when he (get) home tonight,» said his father. 17. If the patient (continue) to improve we (transfer) him to another ward. 18. «I (buy) some pot plants.» — «When you (buy) them?» — «The florist (bring) them. Perhaps he (bring) them in the afternoon.» 19. If you (look) at them, don't smile. 20. Before we (talk) about it, I'd like to show you something.
мне надо приготовить призентацию на тему «Мой любимый вид спорта» призентация на английском языке пожалуйста … Я Ученик 7А класса…
Помогите составить слова по английскому языку : u . . . g( 5 букв ), b . . . . g ( 6 букв ), h . . . . . g ( 7 букв ) , w . . . . . . g ( 8 букв ) , d . .. . . . . . g ( 10 букв ) , e . . . . . . . . g ( 10 букв ).даны к ним подсказки — go , use , hang , buy , wrap , decorate , exchange .
1.Where ……… now? a) lives he: b) is he living c) he is living d) he living 2. Take your cot. It …… rain. a) isgoing to b) will c) is d) has 3. Where ….. yesterday? I was at home. a) you were b) you was c) you d) were you 4. Where ….. yestarday? I didn't go anywhere.. a) went you b) did you went c) did you do d) was you go 5. My French is very good. I speak French ….. a) good b) bad c) well d) badly 6. Richard ….. the tickets. a) already bought b) has already buy c) has already bought d) buy 7. Richard ….. To a girl when I saw him. a) talk b) talking c) will talk d) was talking 8.My French is very good. i speak French…. a)good b)bad c)well d)badly 9. Richard…. the tickets. a)already bought b)has already buy c)has already bought d)buy 10. Richard… To a girl when I saw him. a) talk b) talking c) will talk d) was talking 11. The man… came yesterday is very rich. a) he b) who c) has d) whtn 12.John… since he left schooll. a0 was working b) woks c) has been working d) will be working 13. «I`m a student.» He told me that…. A student. a)I am b) Iwas c) he was d)he is 14. I`m not as you. You are…. that I am. a) clever as b) clever as c) clever that d) more clever 15. «…..Romeo and Juliet? «Yes. Isaw it on Wednesday.» a) Did you seen b) Have you seen c) Will you seen d) do you seen
Тема: Past ContinuousПоставьте вопросы к подчеркнутым словам1) When the children were walking through the wood, they saw a fox.2) When Mike was playing it the yard, he found a ball.3) When I was drawing yesterday, I broke two pencils.4) I was going to bed at nine o'clock yesterday.5) She was playing the piano at five o'clock yesterday.
Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line1)incrise-increasingly2)notice-3)depress-4)relate-5)take-6)DRAMA-7)transfer-8)miracle-9)fortunate-зробіть ці форми….не знаю…!
Найдите в данных словах спрятавшиеся названия продуктов.breadfruit, flourishing, pea souper, chamber