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Queation tags 1. You don’t like me. 2. We are coming 3. The dinner is ready. 4. We haven’t visited you. 5. You didn’t visit him. 6. There aren’t any chips 7. He will visit you.
Подберите к каждому прилагателному по 3 существительных Up-to-date- Helpful-
Помогите составить предложение со словами 1) to, writing, who, you, are 2) you, talk, what, about, did 3)you, are, for, waiting, what 4) come, does, from, where, he 5) looking, you, are, at, what
Пожалуйста, помогите Exercise 2. Complete the sentences with can, could. 1. She turned though she … not hear the question asked by her cousin. 2. You … find information on the subject everywhere. 3. If I thought as you do I … not stay another day in the house. 4. … I have a pint of beer, please? 5. How … you be angry with a small child? 6. Now … you understand why I was so keen to meet you? 7. A good runner … run the race in a few minutes. 8. When I was younger I … speak French much better than I … now. 9. I … not trust you any more. 10. If I … afford it I’d buy a boat. 11. If I had managed to repair my car earlier, I … have driven you to London. 12. What games … you play?
Complete the text with suitable verbs. One example (0) hass been done for you. Eg: 0 — lived We (lived) in a cheap hotel Manhattan. I _____ up early and go running in Central Park. I went shopping and saw a beautiful dress, but I didn’t_____it because i was over $1,000! We ____ a lot of Manhattan, but we didn’t go to any art galleries — we just didn’t_____time. In the evenings, we went to some great restaurants and ______ some very good Chinese and Thai food.
Помогите составить предложение со словами to,you,who,talking,are
Помогите срочно!даю 40 балов
Составте предложения из слов 1)will the The at be Victoria Theatre presented award 2)ceremony was TV. shown The on 3)was a caused by motocyclist. The accident 4)be will in His bank. the money kept 5)The by were the criminals police. released
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