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ПЛЗ Переделаете эти предложение в Pasive Voice 1. They watched everything around them 2. The students had prepared for this trip 3. A group of students left their school in Millbrook 4.The students raised money for a Peruvian zoo
«is it right for anyone to be idle, when the world is so new and there is so much work to do? Нужен перевод чтобы было все понятно. Пожалуйста!
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Написать письмо Санту Клаусу 120-130 слов.
Перевести в косвенную речь1.Nina wonders, ’Which is the largest country in the world?’2.Tom asks ‘How many states are there in the United States?’3.Pete wondered, ‘Who was the first president of America?’4.Kate said, “Nick has left for Kursk. He won’t be at the party tomorrow.’5.Jane said to Olga, ‘Will you join us tomorrow?’6.The teacher said to the pupils, “This boy is very curious, he always asks a lot of questions.”7.The tourist said, “The rainfall continued for the whole week”8.Nick said, “I’m curious to know what has happened to her.”9.Jane asked me, “Can you come for 5 o’clock tea tomorrow?”10.Pete asked Nick, “Would you like to join us for a football game?”11.The Browns said, “We’ve moved in a new flat. Our flat is large.”12.The teacher says, “Learn the poem by heart.”13.My aunt said, “Don’t go there! 14.“Granny said, “Don’t do any harm to animals, Betty!”15.Mother said, “Don’t speak so loudly, Dan!”
Нужен перевод текста. Washington, D.C. – capital of the USA 1. Washington is the seat of government of the USA. You know that the flag of the USA – the Stars and Stripes-has fifty stars on a blue background. Each of these stars represents one of the fifty states. But the City Washington is not in any of these states. It occupies the District of Columbia, abbreviated into D.C. and the name of the capital always goes with this abbreviation (don’t mix it up with another Washington, which is a state on the Pacific Coast). The population of Washington, D.C., is about 900.000 and together with the suburbs (the metropolitan area) its population is over 3.000.000. 2. Washington is like no other city of the USA. New York is a centre of finance, of shipping, of fun. But Washington’s only industry is government. The white House, where the US President lives and works, the Capital, the home of the Congress, and the Supreme Court are all in Washington, D.C. 3. Washington, D.C. is one of the few capitals in the world that was simply ordered to exist for housing the nation’s government. President George Washington, in whose honour the city was named, picked out the spot that included the old tobacco-trading Potomac River port of Georgetown, not far from Georg Washington’s own home of Mount Vernon. The Congress approved the choice. The city belongs neither to the North, nor to the South. 4. The Capital, seat of the US Congress, is the building which got the name from the temple in Rome. The word is also applied now in some states to the state houses. Building of the Capital in Washington, D.C., was begun in 1793. The white House is official residence of the presidents of the USA, located at 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue. 5. The library of Congress is “the biggest existing library”, which contains more than 13 million books in various languages, more than 19 manuscripts, including the personal papers of many presidents and many other items such as maps, prints, recordings, etc. The Library serves the Congress, the entire governmental establishment and the public at large. The law of 1870 makes it obligatory to send to the Library two copies of every American book, newspaper or any other published item.
Помогите с переводом даю 30 баллов1. It was a pleasant Saturday morning in the Pennines, with the sun breaking through to mingle with the mists rising from the ground.2. Ground in the Arctic is frozen to the depth of 1,000 feet or more, with only a shallow thaw in summer. 3. Few Northerners could stomach any strengthening of the Fugitive Slave Act, the most bitterly hated measure — and until Prohibition, the most flagrantly disobeyed— ever passed by Congress. 4. «Gold and World Power» is a clear, if somewhat repetitive, tract on the problems of the two reserve currencies. 5. After 70 years with an almost unchanged corporate structure among the major companies, the industry has seen four major transactions.6. They refuse to accept their own responsibility for increasing costs to the quality of life.7. In a complex world, the companies that thrive will be those who look for new approaches.
Напишите небольшую информацию о полярном медведе ( на английском+перевод на русский)
Перевод на английский: Какие сладости едят Англичане?
Complete the conversations. Use will, going to or the present continuous. 1.A: Shall I buy t.his CD for Alice? B: No, she ….. ( not like) it. She hates Robbie Williams. 2. A: Have The Raiders got a match on Saturday? B: Yes. They ……. (play) against The Giants. 3.A: Do you want to come to the cinema? B: I’m not sure, but I ……. (phone) you later. 4. A: Why are you making a list? B: Because I …… (do) the shopping. 5. A: Will you write to me? B: Yes, I promise I …… (write) to you every day. Сделайте пожалуйста, заранее спасибо.