Dear Masha! I am so happy! My father is going to take us to Moscow! He … going to work there. And we … looking forward to seeing you again. Now I …packing my things. Mum … helping me. Tom … playing football with his friends. Dad … working in his office. We … leaving London for Moscow on the 10th of September. Dad says we … going to live in a hotel not far from the centre. What places of interest … you think we can see in Moscow? How … you? How … you spend your summer holidays? Best wishes, Ann. 1. a) Read Ann’s letter and say why she is happi. b) Fill in the blanks with necessary words. 2. Read the letter again and answer the guestions. 1) Where is Ann’s father going to take his family? 2) What is he going to do there? 3) What is Ann doing now? 4) Who is helping her? 5) What is Tom doing? 6) When are they leaving for Moscow? 7) Where are they going to live there?

Is,are,am,is,is,are,are, do,are,are
1)To Moscow
2)He is going to work
3)Ann is packing her things
4)Mum is helping to her
5)Tom is playing football…
6)on the 10th of September
7)They are going to live in a hotel not far from centre..

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