Complete the words in the sentences.Example: I usually sleep for eight hours every night.1 Pleaset_______ off your mobile phone.2 My brother has a guitar. He plays in a b_______.3 I want to go home. Can you c_______ a taxi, please?4 I always h_______ breakfast before I go to work. 5 I r_______ a newspaper every weekend.6 Helen and her sister are both very tall, but her brother is very s_______.7 They want to g_______ married in July. 8 My sister’s a bank manager. She works in an o_______.9 I usually w_______ up very late at the weekend.10 Jackie’s son loves planes. He wants to be a p_______.

1. turn
2. band
3. call
4. have
5. read
6. short
7. get
8. office
9. wake
10. pilot

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