Choose the correct verb form(Present Perfect simple or continuous). 1. I’m very sorry that I have(broken/been breaking) your cup. 2. Oh, it’s not ready! You have(written/ been writing) this compost tion for the whole day. 3. Ann’s clothes are covered in stains. She has(painted been paint ing) since morning. 4. I have(known/ been knowing) her for many years. 5. Where is Tom? I haven’t(seen/ been seeing) him today. 6. You are so dirty! What have you(done/ been doing)? 7. This is the best book I have ever(read/ been reading). 8. Someone has(eaten/ been eating) my sweets. They are nearly all gone but the box was quite full a week ago. 9. Where have you been? I have(waited/ been waiting) for you for ages. 10. Look! Somebody has(stolen/ been stealing) your luggage. 11. You have(driven/ been driving) all day. Let me drive now. 12. You are very red. Have you(run/ been running)? 13. She has(had/ been having) twelve driving lessons up to now.

1)broken 2)been writing 3)been painting:4)known 5) seen 6)done 7)read 8)eaten 9)been waiting 10) been stealing 11)been driving 12)run 13) had

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