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What will he do ? what do you think?
Помогите написать сочинениена тему JOURNEY пожалуйста,уже на завтра((((
Convert into indirect speech. 1.Tom asked:»Did you enjoy the salad?» 2.David said:»Can you come to our place tomorrow at 9?» 3.He said:»John,have you been in mane caves?Are you a caver?» 4.Joe said:»I think i’ll go to the library to study» 5.»Where did you buy this hat?»she wanted to know. 6.The teacher told us:»Don’t let any strangers in» 7.She asked me:»May i get a cup of coffee?» 8.»If you spill the milk,there won’t be any for the cat,»-sait my mother to me 9.Sallu wanted to know:»Is there anything I can do to help you?» 10.»I’ve just telephoned the doctor,»-said Maurice
Put the verbs in the brackets in the appropriate form. 1.Her eyes were red.It was evident she (to cry)_______. 2.Patricia can’t join us.She (to break)_______ her leg. 3.Sorry for the mess.I (to paint) _______ the house since morning. 4.Which subject you (to work)______ at tonight? 5.She promised she (to see)_______me off the other day. 6.All the necessary arrangements (to make)_______ as soon as possible. 7.Ice hockey (to start)_______ in Canada. 8.She just (to take)________ her results (to get)________ ready to go on a holiday. 9.She (to bathe)________the baby when we (to call)_______ her. 10.It is important that he (to take)________ care of his old father.
Нужно заполнить пробелы, использовать глаголы в нужной форме. I … in the park and … my notes at the momeht (sit,write). It … hot (be). I … this hot weather (hate). I … not … to sit here (want).But Roger … tennis with his friend (play). They … and … (run,laugh). They … neither ice cream nor cold lemonade (need). They … fun (have). They … this weather (like). Oh, I … an icecream man!(see). It’s great. Ice cream … cold and tastes good (be). Now I …
Usual English Breakfast сочинение
рассказ моя любимая музыка……..ПЛИИИЗ нАда СЕГОДНЯ!!
Рассказать про любой вид музыки.На экзамен speaking.ПОМОГИТЕ!!Все ГОТОВО КРОМЕ ЭТОЙ МУЗЫКИ НЕ ЗНАЮ ПРО ЧТО ПИСАТЬ!
сочинение на экзамен тема:Музыка 8 кл. также любимая газета
1.) It is too cold to play tennis It is not warm … to play tennis 2.) There are only a few squash courts in this town There are not very … squash courts in this town