Презентация по английскому языку на тему Sport in our life (10 класс)

Sport in our life SPORT Different kinds of sport. Equipment. Rules. My favourite sport. The most popular sport. My favourite sportsman. Sport in our life. Sport athletics basketball diving football skiing swimming tennis Listen to the words and repeat them after the speaker ride play go do snooker table tennis jumping bike running tennis swimming judo weight lifting Make up sentences. brilliantly very well not very well hopelessI can skate….. Water polo Judo Table tennis Sport Quiz.Match the sport or game to the appropriate set of rules.Write the number of the sport or game in the correct box. A _________ Each team may have up to eleven players, only seven of whom are allowed to play at the same time. One team should wear blue caps, the other white. Players must not splash water into an opponent’s face.B___________ The two contestants must bow to each other at the start of the contest. They should wear white clothing. Contestants must only attack the arms and legs of their opponent. They should not get overexcited.C__________ The game can be played by two or four players. The players must change positions after each game. The ball must touch the table on both sides of the net each time it is hit. D___________ Competitors should wear a helmet. They must not stop another competitor from overtaking. Competitors are not allowed to help each other. E __________ Each team may have up to ten players, only five of whom may play at the same time. Players are not allowed to leave the court without permission. The ball may be thrown but it must not be carried or kicked. A team must try for a goal within 30 seconds of getting possession of the ball. F____________ Each team must have eleven players. The two teams should wear different colours. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to play the ball with his hands or arms. Cycle racing Basketball Football G_____________Each team must have six players. The server may hit the ball with his hand or any part of the arm. He must release the ball from his other hand before hitting it. Players must not touch the net.H__________________Each team may have up to seven-ten players, only six of whom are allowed to play at the same time. Players must wear skates and numbered shirts.I_________________Contestants are weighed before the contest. The contestants’ assistants must leave the ring before the fight begins. Contestants must wear gloves and must not hit an opponent behind the neck.Table tennis 2.Water polo 3.Basketball 4.Volleyball 5. Cycle racing6. Judo 7.Ice hockey 8.Boxing 9.Football Volleyball Ice hockey Boxing MY FAVOURITE SPORT Rugby Team sport. 15 players in each team. Equipment: an oval ball. Place: outdoor grass pitch. Objective: to put the ball down over the line. Two, four, six, eight,We love Fred.We think he’s great.On Saturdays He wins the game. He thinks he’s “Superman”But Fred’s his name. Now Fred is running. The girls are winning.He’s in a bicycle roll. And Fred’s feeling sick.He’s kicking the ball His team is losing.But in the wrong goal. Because of his bicycle trick. A.Ermakova A.Davydova O.Zaitseva Y.Zhirkov E.Plushenko I.Volkov M. Chudov M. Phelps A.Arshavin E.Isinbaeva A. Kabaeva E.Gamova N.Valuev N. Mankiev D. Beckham

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