Презентация по английскому языку на тему Моя будущая профессия (10 класс)

Презентация к уроку по английскому языку в 10 классе на тему:«Моя будущая профессия» Автор: учитель английского языка Скорик Елена Петровна ОШ №1 г. Кировское My future profession Use the suffixes –er,-or,-ist,-ian to form nouns denoting professions. And say what the peoples` occupation is. to write – writer; ( write books ) A writer writes books. I like lots of professionsboring and tiringbut I would like to be a teacher.And what about you, Julia? JOB CENTER Obey the law and respect authority; vote, volunteer your efforts; protect the environment. My future profession must — be honest; — be loyal; — be responsible; — be kind and caring; — be fair. Crosses and Noughts 1. n e g e e n i r 2. t i s n e d t 3. c a n r e d 4. y r a s e r e c t 5. r a t s i t 6. f a m i n e r 7. d e n g a r e r 8. w y l a e r 9. f o f i r e c Match holidays with their dates of celebration: Teacher`s day a) November, 17 Day of medical people b) December, 20 Coal miner`s day c) October, first Sunday Day of student d) October, 8 Day of police e) June, 19 Lawyer`s day f) August, last Sunday Thanks a lot for your time!

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