Презентация по английскому языку для 8 класса Стихийные бедствия

Natural disasters WHAT IS vibrations of the earth’s surface ? Earthquake IN RUSSIAEarthquake in Neftegorsk (1995)Chuiskoe earthquake (2003)Earthquakes in St. Petersburg (2004)Earthquake in the Kuril Islands (2006) Earthquake in Kamchatka (2006)Earthquake in Chechnya (2008)Earthquake at lake Baikal (2008)Earthquake in Buryatia (2011)Earthquake in Krasnoyarsk region (2011)Earthquake in TuvaEarthquake in the Kemerovo region (2013) WHAT IS а giant air funnel? Tornado INRUSSIAIn 1940 in the village of Meshchera Gorky regionIn June 1984 near the city Ivanovo.On 29 June 1904 in Moscow WHAT IS the wind of extremely destructive power? Hurricane INRUSSIAJuly 16, 2004, the Irkutsk region and Ust-Buryat Autonomous Okrug.8 March 2006 in Sochi11 August 2006 Chita regionMay 18, 2007 Krasnoyarsk KraiJune 17, 2007 in Tomsk regionJuly 8, 2007 in Tatarstan WHAT IS the emission from the crater of a volcano to the earth’s surface of molten lava, ash, hot water, stone and rocky soil? Volcano eruption INRUSSIA2013 December 13 — Bezymianny volcano,Russia2000 March 14 — Russia Kamchatka, Bezymianny volcano WHAT IS flooding of land by water? Flood INRUSSIAIn August 1993, in Buryatia on the river Selengа.16 and 17 may 1998, the city of Lensk, Yakutia.In may 2001, on the Lena river.7 July 2001, in the Irkutsk region.In June 2002, in 9 subjects of the southern Federal district.In August 2002 in the Krasnodar region.In April 2004, in the Kemerovo region.On the night of 7 July 2012 in the cities of Gelendzhik, Krymsk and Novorossiysk.In the late summer of 2013 in the far East WHAT IS the lack of rain, leading to soil drying and death of vegetation? Drought INRUSSIAIn the Central Russia in 1972, 1992, 2002 and 2010.

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