Презентация по английскому языку 9 класс

An apple a day keepsthe doctor awayВыполнили учащиеся 9 классап. Новобирюсинский Руководитель: Змушко Т.В.2014 год
In our class Harmful food Factors affected our health E903, E951, E950 – harmful for kidneys, heart.E171 – harmful for liver and kidneys.
style.rotation E951 – harmful to skin.E950 – harmful for heart.E211 – cancrology.
style.rotation E211, E131 – cancrology.
style.rotation E420 – harmful for digestive tract – GIT. E951 – harmful to skin. E950 – harmful for heart, kidneys.
style.rotation E407, E466 – harmful for GIF.E104 – bveractivity.E330 – cancrology.
style.rotation The rules of healthy lifestyle Physical activity is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Eat smaller portion.Eat less bread, sugar and fat. Concentrate on your food.Don`t read or watch TV when you eat. Have healthy snacks.More your own sandwiches with meat and vegetables.Drink water or juice instead of Coke and lemonade.Have an apple instead of a hot dog. Drink a lot of water.Tea and coffee don’t count! Don’t eat after 7p.m. Everybody must take multivitamins every day.

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