Контрольная работа по английскому языку IV четверть 5 класс к УМК Биболетовой М.З

Контрольная работа по английскому языку 5 класс IV четверть к УМК Биболетовой М. З.
1. Вставь пропущенные буквы:
1. ex_han_e
2. n_rs_
3. _thlet_c 4. n_ug_ty 5. ser_o_s 6. talk_t_ve2. Выбери слово, подходящее по смыслу:
1. I think this trip to England is a great _______ to learn English.
a) opportunity b) time c) impression
2. We want to make our stay in London ___________ experience.
a) serious b) unforgettable c) formal
3. My sister behaves badly. She is ___________.
a) friendly b) responsible c) naughty
4. Music is just a ____________ for her. She is going to be a teacher.
a) job b) profession c) hobby
5. Henry is fond of repairing cars, planes, and ships. He will be a ____________.
a) manager b) mechanic c) driver
3. Выбери слово, подходящее по смыслу:
1. wise a) talkative b) impolite c) smart
2. naughty a) athletic b) impolite c) loving
3. friendly a) loving b) curious c) obedient
4. polite a) impolite b) talkative c) tactful
5. intelligenta) plump b) homesick c) smart
4. Составь слова противоположные по смыслу, используя приставки : un-, im-
1. forgettable
2. polite
3. pleasant
4. usual
5. Найди соответствия между названиями профессий и их описанием:
1. a nurse a) puts out (stops) fires
2. a vet b) repairs cars, planes, ships
3. a dentist c) works in the fields and with animals
4. an engineer d) takes care of all members of the family
5. a farmer e) solves people’s problems with their teeth
6. a housewife f) catches criminals
7. a driver g) takes care of sick animals
8. a firefighter h) takes care of sick people
9. a police officer i) plans the building of roads, bridges, machines
10. a mechanic j) drives cars.
6. Выбери правильный предлог:
1. Mary has a good sense ____ humour.
a)of b) at c) for
2. Mike gets ____ well with everybody.
a) of b) on c) at
3. Could you answer my questions _________ your family?
a) of b) on c) about
4. His sister is interested _____ Maths.
a) of b) in c) about
5. All my friends are fond _____ listening to music.
a) to b) of c) on.

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