Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему Будущая профессия (9 класс)

Тема: It’s time to think about your future career
Тип урока комбинированный
Вид урока: урок актуализации знаний
практические: формирование практических умений в говорении и аудировании;
воспитательные: формирование целостного представления о профессиональной деятельности;образовательные: расширение кругозора учащихся, формирование у учащихся отношения к успеху;
развивающие: развитие творческих способностей и логического мышления, коммуникативных умений и применение их на практике.
Задачи урока:
образовательная: развивать навыки устной речи и аудирования; активизировать ранее изученную лексику по теме “Профессия и успех”.
развивающая: развивать интеллектуальные способности учащихся; формировать умение выделять главное, сравнивать и анализировать.
воспитательная: развивать у учащихся самостоятельность мышления; содействовать профориентации учащихся, воспитывать умения сотрудничать и работать в команде; воспитывать личностные качества: ответственность, самостоятельность,
здоровьесберегающая: предупреждать переутомление у учащихся путем смены деятельности.
Технологии: технология развития критического мышления, информационно-коммуникативная (слайдовая презентация), сотрудничество, игровая.
Формы работы – индивидуальная, фронтальная, групповая, парная.
Оснащение урока: оформление доски, дидактический раздаточный материал по теме, компьютер, проектор.

1. Организационный момент:
Good morning, boys and girls. Take your sits, please. I’m very glad to see you.
2. Введение в тему урока. 
Today we are going to discuss a very important topic for you. Try to guess what we are going to speak about ( Звучит песня).
T: What is the song about?
P1: The song is about money.
T: Yes. But what should we do to have money?
P1: to work
T: Well
3. Речевая разминка :What jobs do you know? (Nurse, driver, postman, waiter etс.)Where do people work? (farm, factory, hospital, shop, office, post, etc.)
What do they usually do? (build, sell, teach, treat, design, sew, write, cook, drive etc.)
Актуализация лексических единиц.
— Who does what? Match each job with its description. (Соотнесите название профессий с их описанием)
1 D, I 2 C 3 F 4 E 5 B 6 A 7 G 8 K 9 O 10 H 11 J 12 L 13 M 14 N
Fill – пломбировать, extract – удалять (о зубе)
plumber works in a school
writes articles for a newspaper
types letters and answers the phone
works for police
brings letters to your home
brings food for the passengers in a plane
designs buildings
fills and extracts teeth
investigates crimes
travels in order to make discoveries
works in wood
writes novels
takes photos
repairs water pipes
repairs boots and shoes
Совершенствование лексических навыков
T- There are a lot of professions all over the world. There is no need to call all of them. I’d like you to play a game “What profession is it?” The students of the thirst group will describe a profession and another will guess.
T- Are you ready?
-Let’s start!
1) -Questions
1. someone whose job is to design buildings. (architect)
2. someone who teaches pupils. (teacher)
3. someone who travels around the world and takes interviews. (journalist)
4. someone whose job is to manage a company. (manager)
5. someone who designs clothes. (designer)
6. someone who can count well and keeps money records of a business. (accountant)
2) The next task for you is the task on the cards. You will have 10 sentences and 5 minutes to complete them with the following words:
Successful, occupation, career, creative, architect, vet, responsible, prestigious, noble, librarian, fireman.The profession of a photographer is very …
My sister says that teaching is a … profession.
We have always thought that any job in the hospital is …
Careers of computer programmers are very … nowadays.
My cousin wants to be an …
Will you write your … on this form?
A … is a person who works in the library and helps people to choose books and magazines to read.
I am sure that the profession of a … is rather dangerous.
His … as a driver came to an end after a bad road accident.
I am going to be a … because I like animals and birds.
Key: creative, noble, responsible, successful, architect, occupation, librarian, fireman, career, vet.
Now, let’s check your work.
При проверке данного задания ученики по очереди зачитывают предложения.
Teacher: Well done. Thank you very much.
— Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.
1. What did they want to be when they were children?
2. What jobs do they have now?
Ok, You’ve done a good job. And now we have time to relax. (образец физ.минутки)
— Please, stand up. Let’s do some amazing exercises.
T- Look at me and repeat after me.
Look at the window,
Look at the door,
Look at the ceiling
Look at the floor.
Hands on your hips,
Hands on your knees.Put them behind you
If you please.Touch your shoulders,
Touch your nose,
Touch your ears,
Touch your toes,
Raise your hands.
High in the air,
At your sides, on your hair.Raise your hands as before
While you clap:
T-Ok, Good for you, sit down.
Test yourself (Время выполнения: 10–15 минут)
8.Прочитай тексты и выполни задание.
Now you are going to read students’ letters. They write about their future professions. After reading the texts and you need fill in the table.
1. Angela is a schoolgirl from Brighton. She wants to be a doctor. She is going to medical school next year. It’s a long course – about six years – but she is going to work very hard. She thinks that it’s a difficult job, but she likes working with people. She says that later she would like to specialize and perhaps be a pediatrician. “I love children, and looking after them would be wonderful.”
2. Deena is doing Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths “A” levels and will sit the exams next summer. “I’d like to train as a dentist when I’ve finished college. I want to do something medically orientated and chose dentistry because there aren’t so many years of studying as there are to become a doctor.”
3. Steve wants to be a chef. His favourite room in the house is the kitchen, where he spends most of the day. “I love cooking, especially for lots of people. I have over a hundred cook books.” He is going to work in a restaurant in Paris, where he hopes to learn how to prepare sauces. One day, he’d like to have his own restaurant.
4. Jane is studying marketing at university. She enjoys travelling, and would probably like to work for a tour company. “I’m not sure yet exactly what I want to do. After university, I’m going to take a year off, and I’m going round the world with another girl. We hope to find work on the way.”
5. Nick doesn’t know for certain what he will do. He says: “I think the best way to prepare myself for a future job is to get a good education. Jobs are changing and new ones are constantly appearing. In a few years, there will be many more new jobs and nobody knows yet what they will be.
Заполни таблицу в соответствии с содержанием текстов.
The nameFuture professionThe reason for the choice The place of work       
The nameFuture job The reason for the choice The place of workAngeladoctorlikes working with peoplewith childrenDeenadentistwants to do something medically orientated –
Stevechefloves cookingin a restaurant in Paris
Janemarketingenjoys traveling a tour company
Nick– – –
Будущая профессия.
It is not an easy thing to choose a profession. Who has already made a chose?
1) Why have you chosen this profession?
2) Are you ready to work hard to make a career?
3) Would you like to be rich or famous?
4)When did you begin to think about your future career?
— Dear students! I’d like to thank you for your work. You are great! I hope you’ve got a lot of important information for your future job.
-Please, tell me what have you learnt during our lesson?
-What exercises were easy or difficult to do?
— Your home work for the next lesson is to write male and female jobs.
-Your marks …… .I suggest you to write the poem about your future profession or today’s lesson. Write it in English. You may write it alone or in a group.
-Writing a sinkwein poem.
(Синквейн – это пятистишие, где первая строка – одно ключевое слово, определяющее содержание синквейна. Вторая строка – два прилагательных, характеризующих данное понятие. Третья строка – три глагола, показывающих действие понятия. Четвертая строка – короткое предложение, в котором автор высказывает свое отношение к проблеме. Пятая строка – одно слово, обычно существительное, через которое человек выражает свои чувства, ассоциации, связанные с данным понятием. Например,
Caring, attentive
Examines, treats, cures
Helps people
Satisfaction.10. At the and let’s listen a poem.
At the lesson: I`ve learnt…
I can speak about…
I have known…

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