Презентация на тему "Знаешь ли ты Великобританию?" по английскому языку

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Слайд №1

Текст слайда: Презентация по курсу страноведения. Викторина «Знаешь ли ты Великобританию?» Учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ № 180 Васильева Елена Васильевна Санкт-Петербург 2014 год

Слайд №2

Текст слайда: The British flag is often called ______ . a) The Union Jack b) The stars and stripes c) The Marple leaf

Слайд №3

Текст слайда: The Tower of London was started by ____ . Julius Caesar William the Conqueror Henry VIII

Слайд №4

Текст слайда: British kings and queens are crowned at _____ . a) St Paul’s Cathedral b) Buckingham Palace c) Westminster Abbey

Слайд №5

Текст слайда: Nelson’s Column is situated in _______ . Downing Street Piccadilly Circus Trafalgar Square

Слайд №6

Текст слайда: Big Ben is ____ . The clock tower of the Houses of Parliament The clock The largest bell at the top of the tower

Слайд №7

Текст слайда: Sir Christopher Wren built __________ . Buckingham Palace Madam Tussaud’s Museum St Paul’s Cathedral

Слайд №8

Текст слайда: King Henry VIII had _____ wives. 4 6 8

Слайд №9

Текст слайда: The famous British newspaper which is printed on pink paper is ______________ . The Times The Guardian The Financial Times

Слайд №10

Текст слайда: The famous Globe Theatre where Shakespeare staged his plays is situated in ________ . Stratford-upon-Avon Glasgow London

Слайд №11

Текст слайда: Stonehenge is about __________ years old. 40 400 4000

Слайд №12

Текст слайда: Madam Tussaud’s is a museum of ________ . wax figures western paintings ancient coins

Слайд №13

Текст слайда: Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated on the ________ . 24th of December 31st of October 5th of November

Слайд №14

Текст слайда: Who said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”? Charles Dickens Oscar Wilde Samuel Johnson Charles Dickens Oscar Wilde Samuel Johnson

Слайд №15

Текст слайда: The capital of Northern Ireland is ________ . a) Dublin b) Cardiff c) Belfast Dublin Belfast Cardiff

Слайд №16

Текст слайда: The highest mountain in the UK is ________ . Ben Nevis Mont Blanc Mount McKinley Mont Blanc Ben Nevis Mount Mckinley

Слайд №17

Текст слайда: The mysterious Loch Ness Monster is from _____ . Wales Ireland Scotland

Слайд №18

Текст слайда: The kilt is ___________ . a pair of trousers a skirt a shirt

Слайд №19

Текст слайда: The London Underground is often called _____ . The box The channel The tube

Слайд №20

Текст слайда: The Beatles started their career in __________ . London Liverpool Birmingham

Слайд №21

Текст слайда: British football fans ___________ . are the most indifferent fans in the world are very reserved have a very bad reputation in Europe for their behaviour

Слайд №22

Текст слайда: Используемые ресурсы: “Speak out” Журнал для изучающих английский язык Издательство «ГЛОССА» http://archdesign.su/drevnyaya 21. http://omsk.zaotdih.ru/afisha/ http://www.ayda.ru/england/new... 22. http://www.posh24.com/hot_news... http://www.proskolu.ru/users/... 23. http://z6.invisionfree.com/Lan... http://clubs.ya.ru/46116860184... http://www.biographyshelf.com/ … http://literature11.pbworks.com... http://d3.ru/comments/230595... http://chalova-an.ru/... http://headline.kz/calendar/10... http://www.ex.ua/view/7214289... http://www.photobydjnoton.com... http://advice.uk.match.com/loy... http://samara.obmen-russia.ru/... http://culturestrain.wikispace... http://geology.com/records/cov... http://www.bolshoyvopros.ru/qu... http://wemontreal.com/10/kilt... http://www.lindaclifford.com/... http://www.shatterstock.com/s/

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