Презентация на тему "Twelve flowers of the year" по английскому языку

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January Snowdrop The snowdrop is the flower for January. It is as white as snow, and appears in forests and gardens when there is still snow there. The little plant is a native flower of Europe.

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Answer the Questions Snowdrop What is a native flower of Europe? 2. What colour is snowdrop?

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February Primrose February,s flower is the primrose. Primroses can be white, yellow, red, pink, rose, purple and orange. The flowers look like stars.

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Answer the Questions Primrose What flowers appear in February? 2. What colours are primroses?

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Daffodil March The flower of the month of March is the daffodil. It appears very early in spring too. The flowers are usually yellow. The plant has long leaves and a sweet pleasant smell. It has been a favourite flower in many gardens.

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Daffodil Answer the Questions When is daffodil blooming? 2. What colour is daffodil?

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Daisies April April,s flowers are daisies. You can see them everywhere in the fields, gardens and even roadsides.

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Daisies Answer the Questions Where can you see daisies? What flowers is native in April?

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