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Текст слайда: Author: Maxim Teplyashin Head: Semchuk Tamara Yakovlevna

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Текст слайда: Introduction General facts about the pensioners of our region Chart I Distribution of pensioners in 5 districts Chart II The amount of recipients of MMP The project of the Federal law Chart III The average size of pensions Pension’s indexation Additional measures of support for families with children The bill establishing two categories of widows New in the Russian Federation legislation Thankfulness

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Текст слайда: Introduction In my project I would like to represent the information, which I have collected during visiting the Pension Fund of Jewish Autonomic Region. There are a lot of statistics and facts in my work, so that everybody can read it and compare the conditions of pensioner’s life in my region with his own. I think my researches will be useful pupils, who are learning social welfare of different countries. It will also be interest for those, who want to know how the people of our country live and which benefits they can claim (in my case – on the example of Jewish Autonomic Region). I hope that my work will give to readers some important knowledge and, as a result, they will be able to understand the system of social welfare of Russia better.

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Текст слайда: General facts about the pensioners of our region There are 45000 pensioners in our region. Among them there are: -41090 labour pensioners -3800 social pensioners -4807 disabled pensioners -3797 receivers of pension in case of loss of bread-winner -17600 receivers of MMP (Monthly Monetary Payment) -10500 working pensioners

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Текст слайда: The project of the Federal law The project of the federal law “The budget of the Russian Federation pension fund for 2007” is approved at the government session on 17.08.06. In 2007 the proposal is: to increase pensions 20% and bring social pensions up to a level of a standard living wage of pensioners; It is presumed that the base part of labour pension will increase in 2 stages: 1. as of the 1 of April – on 7,5% 2. as of the 1 of October the size of a base part of pension will be established in the firm amount of 1260 rubles that is equivalent to 13,2% it is intended to enlarge the insurance part of the labour pension to 9,2% on the 1 of October the increase in the labour pension will average 451 rubles the real rise of pension will outstrip the rate of inflation by 7%

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Текст слайда: Pension’s indexation From the beginning of 2006 pensions have been indexed: 1) since the 1st of April: - the base part has increased 1035,09 rubles; - the insurance part has increased 1385 rubles; 2) since the 1st of August insurance part has increased 1471 rubles. The living standard for pensioners is 3152,71 rubles.

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Текст слайда: Additional measures of support for families with children The main purpose: granting additional measures of material support to families of Russian Federation citizens from the 1st January through the 31 of December of 2006th year recognizing families’ right to additional support do to the birth of additional children. The bill covers: women who have given birth ( or adopted ) the second child after 01.01.2007; women who have given birth ( or adopted ) the third or subsequent child after 01.01.2007 if they did not previously invoke the right of additional state support; husbands of the non-custodial women; the child in the case of the loss of both parents;

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Текст слайда: The bill covers Russian citizens irrespective of residence on the condition that their child gets Russian Federation citizenship. The right to additional measures of support can be assessed not earlier than the child reaching the age of 3 or the age of 3 after adoption. This act of Federal law establishes the amount of the mother’s benefit at 250000 rubles. The amount will be revised annually in accordance with the inflation rate. The beneficiary will be able to make a decision about the disposal of the sum for receiving the education, purchase of dwelling on the territory of the Russian Federation, formation of the accumulated benefit no later than September 1 of the current year.

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Текст слайда: The bill establishing two categories of widows In July, 2006 the government enacted the assignment of the president, having approved the bill establishing two categories of widows: military widows, who have remained unmarried since the end of the Second World War; those who have lost husbands in recent military actions. According to this bill: military widows will receive an increase to their basic pension in the month subsequent to the loss of the bread winner. Veterans will receive serious material support: the bread winner will be added to their basic pension

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Текст слайда: New in the Russian Federation legislation Currently 217000 Russian citizens are awarded recognition as Inhabitant of blockaded Leningrad. There are a lot of disabled people among them. More than 141000 of them have limited abilities to labour activity. The State Duma has passed a bill in the first reading, by which the second disability pension will be paid to people awarded this recognition as the Inhabitant of blockaded Leningrad.

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Текст слайда: Thankfulness Author thanks everybody who has taken part in the creation of the project and especially pension fund of JAR for given information.

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