Презентация на тему "Independence and Individualism of Young People in America" по английскому языку

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Americans hold independence and individualism in high esteem.

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Parents try to instill these values in their children.

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The first step toward personal independence is having own room.

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Сhildren have own room have privacy learn to be responsible for their own living space.

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Youth people are encouraged not be “tied to their mothers’ apron strings”.

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Young people want to “stand on their own two feet”

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The first step to establishing autonomy is working for money outside the home.

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Young people know “value of a dollar”.

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Some ten-year-olds mow their neighbors' lawns.

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Slightly older children may deliver newspapers …

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… or babysit.

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Young people study and work. They want to pay for their education.

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Young people want to assert their independence. They are free to choose their career.