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The dance of the fire

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Flamenco is a style of music and dance which is considered part of the culture of Spain. It is an exotic dance, but is actually native to only one region: Andalusia.

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There is a theory that the word flamenco is synonymous with "Gypsy“.

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Flamenco began to be studied in conservatoriums and nowadays, we know in detail what flamenco was from 1760 until 1860.

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Traditionally flamenco was originally unaccompanied singing. Later, the songs were accompanied by flamenco guitar, rhythmic hand clapping ,rhythmic feet stomping and dance

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The Golden Age of Flamenco was between 1869–1910. Flamenco developed rapidly in cafés cantantes, a new type of venue offering ticketed public performances. Dancers became a public attraction.

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A traditional singing performance has only a singer and one guitar, while a dance concert usually includes two or three guitars, one or more singers and one or more dancers.

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Foreigners often think flamenco is primarily a dance form. However, the origin, and heart, of flamenco is the song. The verses are often beautiful poems, and the style of the flamenco copla was often imitated by poets. Garcia Lorca is the best known of these poets.

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Flamenco is a dance form known for its emotional intensity and proud carriage. In its most authentic form, flamenco can be seen danced informally at gitano weddings and celebrations in Spain.

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Flamenco is very popular today. There are a lot of Flamenco Dance schools all over the world. If you are really interested in Spanish culture, you should join the army of Flamenco fans!

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