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Easter greeting On the Sunday people usually greet each other with world: “Jesus rose from the dead! - Has truly revived.” And people should kiss each other three times.

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Religious service There is a special religious service in the churches in Russia and England. English people bring Easter basket to consecrate food from it. In England religious service is at sunrise. In Russia religious service is at midnight.

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Eggs On the Easter people traditionally give to each other presents-Easter eggs. Easter egg is the most popular emblem of Easter. In Russia people colour eggs in red. Nowadays in England Easter eggs are usually made of chocolate. Easter egg is the symbol of new life. Egg-rolling is a traditional Easter pastime which still flourishes in Britain. Unfortunately, Russian children have forgotten this tradition.

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Easter food In England: The traditional Easter entertainments are meat medovo-garlick quenelles, spring salad. The main Easter dish is a The baked stuffed lamb. In Russia: The traditional Easter entertainments are kulich, pasha. People start to cook food on a Maundy Thursday.

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Easter Bunny The Easter bunny is an imaginary rabbit. Parents tell their children, that he gives them presents. Children look forward to Easter Sunny because Easter Bunny brings them an Easter basket with chocolate eggs and other sweet things. When children wake up, they run about trying to find the eggs. The Bunny is symbol of fertility and prosperity.

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Spring Flowers Easter it the time of the waiting of spring. Tulips, narcissuses decorate Russian houses. In England people decorate churches and their houses with flowers. The main flowers is the snow-white lily. It is the symbol of the hope and motherhood.

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