Презентация на тему "Click on the adjective" по английскому языку

Презентация по слайдам

Слайд №1
Click on the adjective BEGIN

Слайд №2
bother! Try again

Слайд №3
She wore a dress today. red

Слайд №4
Well done!! 1 point

Слайд №5
I want handwriting, please! neat

Слайд №6
Great!! 2 points

Слайд №7
There is a really magnificent sunset.

Слайд №8
Good!! 3 points

Слайд №9
They are very players. talented

Слайд №10
Wicked!! 4 points

Слайд №11
The secret was out as soon as the children spotted the enormous parcel on the table.

Слайд №12
Cool!! 5 points

Слайд №13
You are just ridiculous!

Слайд №14
Well done!! 6 points

Слайд №15
The cake that she made delicious. yesterday was truly

Слайд №16
Well played!! 7 points

Слайд №17
It was a day, so we beautiful decided to go to the coast.

Слайд №18
Bravo!! 8 points

Слайд №19
You’ll never know how this has made me. happy

Слайд №20
Excellent!! 9 points

Слайд №21
Class 3 girls prefer because they don’t much like going outside. wet playtimes

Слайд №22
10 points!! Play again

Слайд №23
Chris Reall 2004 exit