Презентация на тему "14 February St. Valentine" по английскому языку

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Текст слайда: Составила учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ№1008 г Москвы Галкина Наталья Анатольевна

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Текст слайда: St.Valentine was a priest. He lived in Rome. He was famous for helping loves. His finest falls on the 14th of February. This day is famous as St.Valentine’s Day. It is customary on the day to send a Valentine - a card with a message to someone you love, or to your best friends.

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Текст слайда: More than a century ago it became fashionable to sent pretty cards.

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Текст слайда: Old postcards.

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Текст слайда: Nowadays there are a lot of different cards on sale for this celebration in Britain.

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Текст слайда: St.Valentine cards are anonimous - you must not say who you are.

Слайд №7

Текст слайда: You can send cards to anyone you like. There are the special cards to: My Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Sweetheart.

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Текст слайда: Valentine Poem Five nice valentines just for you! The fist one says, “My love is true”. The second one says, “You have my heart”. The third one says, “Let us never part.” The fourth one says, “Won’t you please be mine?” The fifth one says, “Till the end of my life.”

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Текст слайда: Let’s make your valentines.

Слайд №10

Текст слайда: Instruction Colours your cards with red, pink, purple and yellow. Write: I love you. Be my Valentine. With love for you. Happy Valentine’s day.

Слайд №11

Текст слайда: From me to You

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