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London Zoo is one of the most famous of all London attractions. It is situated in Regent’s Park and was opened in 1828 by the Zoological Society of London .

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This is the oldest zoo and we can see it on the map

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A lot of tourists come to the Zoo. The Zoo is open every day from 9 o’clock in the morning till 7 o’clock in the evening.

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Visitors can find out facts about the animals, including where they live, what they eat and if they are endangered in the wild

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There are a lot of unusual statues at the Zoo

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The Zoo is the best place for rest and fun.

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Such a strange horse we can see there!

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The girl seems not to be afraid of them

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There are about 750 kinds of different animals at the Zoo

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Zebra is strong and beautiful

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The penguins are fond of swimming in a hot day

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This small penguin is rather curious

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The reptiles are beautiful, aren’t they?

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This is Regent’s canal

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You can have a trip

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There is a big aquarium at the Zoo with a lot of beautiful fishes

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The polar bear is a good swimmer

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And this one is a bit tired and he is going to rest a little

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The lion’s family: a father and a mother. They are strong and clever. And their baby is small and friendly .

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The mother would like to sleep… but the little lions wouldn’t like to…

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The baby lions are so pretty and funny. They look like big kittens

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Big cats are so lovely! It’s interesting to watch them.

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The hippo is too small…

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The giraffes live in their own house. They can walk, eat and watch the people who come to watch them

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London Zoo has almost 750 species of animals, from the smallest monkey to the tall giraffe. Over 12,000 animals live in the Zoo today, many of them are rare and endangered.

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The koala and the owl are so funny

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The funniest animals at London Zoo are monkeys. They jump, run and play with each other. They are not afraid of people and can come very close to them.

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These animals are endangered The giant panda

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The black rhino

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The African elephants

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The white tiger is endangered too

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Thank you for your attention COME TO LONDON ZOO AGAIN !