Презентация на тему "Вопросы Лондон" по английскому языку

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Текст слайда: 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 London Westminster Abbey The Tower of London Trafalgar square Other sights

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Текст слайда: back answer What is the population of London?

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Текст слайда: back Its population is about 7 million people.

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Текст слайда: back answer What is the City?

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Текст слайда: It is the commercial centre of the country. back

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Текст слайда: What is Whitehall? back answer

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Текст слайда: back Whitehall is the political centre.

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Текст слайда: What is the West End? back answer

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Текст слайда: The West End is the district of the rich. back

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Текст слайда: What are the most beautiful parks London? back answer

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Текст слайда: Hyde Park, St. James Park, Kensington Park back

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Текст слайда: What was Westminster Abbey famous for? back answer

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Текст слайда: Westminster Abbey is famous for its architecture. back

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Текст слайда: When was Westminster Abbey built? back answer

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Текст слайда: It was built in 1065. back

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Текст слайда: What kind of place is Westminster Abbey? back answer

Слайд №18

Текст слайда: It is the place where nearly all Kings and Queens were crowned. back

Слайд №19

Текст слайда: What is there in the Poet’s corner? back answer

Слайд №20

Текст слайда: In the Poet’s corner there are memorials to Shakespeare, Byron, Scott and many other famous writers and poets. back

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Текст слайда: Who was buried in Westminster Abbey? back answer

Слайд №22

Текст слайда: Kings and queens were buried there. back

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Текст слайда: What was the Tower of London many years ago? back answer

Слайд №24

Текст слайда: back The Tower of London was a fortress, a palace and a prison many years ago.

Слайд №25

Текст слайда: What is the Tower of London now? back answer

Слайд №26

Текст слайда: Now it’s a museum. back

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Текст слайда: What ceremony takes place every night ? back answer

Слайд №28

Текст слайда: The Ceremony of the Keys takes place every night. back

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Текст слайда: back answer Who lives in the Tower today?

Слайд №30

Текст слайда: back Today the only inhabitants of the Tower are ravens.

Слайд №31

Текст слайда: What is the legend of the Tower? back answer

Слайд №32

Текст слайда: There is a legend that the Tower will fall if it loses it’s ravens. back

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Текст слайда: Why the square is named Trafalgar Square? back answer

Слайд №34

Текст слайда: Trafalgar Square is named in memory of Nelson’s great victory in the battle of Trafalgar. back

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Текст слайда: What can you see in the centre of the square? back answer

Слайд №36

Текст слайда: In the centre of the square you can see Nelson’s Column. back

Слайд №37

Текст слайда: back answer When was the battle of Trafalgar ?

Слайд №38

Текст слайда: back The battle of Trafalgar was in 1805.

Слайд №39

Текст слайда: What is there around the column? back answer

Слайд №40

Текст слайда: There are fountains and four bronze lions around the column. back

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Текст слайда: What kind of place is the square? back answer

Слайд №42

Текст слайда: The square is the popular place for tourists. back

Слайд №43

Текст слайда: What is Big Ben? back answer

Слайд №44

Текст слайда: Big Ben is the bell of the clock. back

Слайд №45

Текст слайда: How high is London Eye? back answer

Слайд №46

Текст слайда: It 135 meters high. back

Слайд №47

Текст слайда: What is the home of Britain kings and queens? back answer

Слайд №48

Текст слайда: Buckingham Palace is the home of Britain’s kings and queens. back

Слайд №49

Текст слайда: When was the Tower Bridge opened? back answer

Слайд №50

Текст слайда: The Tower Bridge was opened in1894. back

Слайд №51

Текст слайда: What is the heart of the West End? back answer

Слайд №52

Текст слайда: Piccadilly Circus is the heart of the West End. back

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