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The structure of the body. Author: the schoolgirl 4a classes Danilochkina Daria Lomonosov school of Moscow

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Nowadays on the Earth there is a great variety of live creatures – from the smallest to the very big lives. The most difficult creature is a man. People are the most perfect creatures on the Earth. I suggest to begin the investigation of the world with the smallest – structure of the body.

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External structure

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Who operates your body? Of course, it’s you! However, you can’t control everything in your body. You can’t make your heart beat or make your stomach digest food. You never notice your breathing or winking.

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Who controls the work of your body? Brain! It’s better to say brain and spinal cord. Spinal cord is in your backbone. Brain is in your skull. Brain operates your ideas and senses. It is like a computer. It receives the information (smells, sounds and images) and saves it. Spinal cord operates the work of the internals.

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Heart. Heart is a hollow muscular organ. It has an oval shape. It weighs 250 – 350 grammes. It’s size is nearly a fist of an adult.

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Lungs. Lungs are in the chest. We use them for breathing. Right lung consists of 3 parts and left lung consists of 2 parts. Left lung is smaller than right lung because of heart (it covers a part of chest).

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Stomach and intestine. Stomach is an organ of digestive system. In the stomach there are glands. They make the sour gastric juice, capable to digest food. There fore the stomach pushes semi-digested food further by itself. Intestine is an organ of digestive system too. It’s length is nearly 8 metres. It is rolled up very tightly. Going this way, food becomes a clear liquid and spreads through out the body.

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Liver. Liver is the most important unpaired organ, which helps you to digest food in the intestines. It filters blood and cleans it from harmful things.

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Mode of the day. It is a schedule which consists of lessons, games, rest and other activities.

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Mode of the day 7 – 8 – you get up, do morning exercises, wash your face and clean your teeth, have breakfast; 9 – 13 – you have lessons ; 13 – 14 – you come home and have lunch; 14 – 16 – you go for a walk, have rest or go in for sport; 16 – 18 – you do your homework; 18 – 19 – you have dinner; 19 – 20 – you read or watch TV; 21 – you go to bed.

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Hygiene You should clean your teeth twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. You should wash your hands before meals. You shouldn’t speak during eating with a full mouth. You shouldn’t eat dirty fruit and vegetables.

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Correct food is various food Good advice: It’s better to eat at the same time for 3 times a day; Try to eat more fruit and vegetables:

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Let’s have healthy teeth!

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You should clean your teeth twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. You should clean down on your top teeth. You should clean up on your bottom teeth.

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2. You should clean the insides and the outsides of your teeth.

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3. You should use soft toothbrush. Change your toothbrush every 3 months. Use only your own toothbrush.

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4. Don’t crack nuts, sugar or hard sweets with your teeth. 5. Don’t drink cold drinks after hot food. 6. Go to the dentist twice a year.

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Teeth floss Teeth floss is used for removing of a tooth touch and food from teeth, so that you should use floss after each meal.

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Check yourself Which organ moves blood and makes it run across all the body? stomach heart liver

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Check yourself Which organ is called «the main command point of all the body»? brain heart lungs

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Check yourself This organ looks like a twisting labyrinth… brain intestines lungs

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Check yourself Where is the brain ? In the head On the trunk In the neck

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Check yourself This organ looks like two pink sponges. It helps to breathe. lungs stomach liver

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Используемые материалы: www.ikt.oblcit.ru/_works/shimko/urok.htm Way Ahead 4 Pupil’s Book Printha Ellis Mary Bowen