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Текст слайда: The biggest cities of Great Britain Andres Veidenberg, Argo Mikk C.R.Jakobson Gymn. 11c Supervisors: Tiia Pukk, Marje Maasen Viljandi 2002

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Текст слайда: Introduction We are going to talk about the biggest cities of Great Britain There are 10 biggest cities in Great Britain All this cities have important part of Britain economy and culture

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Текст слайда: The biggest cities

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Текст слайда: Population of the cities

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Текст слайда: London The capital of England Is situated in south-eastern England along the Thames River Founded by Romans in A.D. 43 One of the three main financial centres in the world Parliament The river Thames runs thorough the city

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Текст слайда: Transport in London Double-deckers Black taxis Underground Planes

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Текст слайда: London underground Founded in 1870 One of the biggest in the world

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Текст слайда: London sights Westminster Abbey Windsor Castle Tower Bridge

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Текст слайда: Arms of London

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Текст слайда: Edinburgh Capital of Scotland Famous Edinburghers: Bell, Stevenson, Scott, Connery. Coastal city

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Текст слайда: Bristol The largest city in the South West It has a great harbour Home of Rolls Royce The Concorde factory

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Текст слайда: Leeds 75 nationalities 731 Bede’s “History of English Church and People” Centre of wool & sewing factory

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Текст слайда: Glasgow Compaq Scotland’s largest city Fishing Harbour city

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Текст слайда: Aberdeen Oil Capital of Europe + 40.000 jobs The world's first holographic 3D camera It’s a coastal city

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Текст слайда: Manchester 10% of workers Significant financial sector The highest weekly earnings-£420.40 Manchester United

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Текст слайда: Birmingham Second largest city Aston Hall The first steam engine was invented Warwick Castle

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Текст слайда: Shakespeare Stratford Upon Avon W. Shakespeare (

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Текст слайда: Liverpool Capital of culture The Beatles Sunday talents Festival city

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Текст слайда: Newcastle Many earthquakes Harbour Coal mining

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Текст слайда: Summary There are 10 biggest cities in GB. Only London & Birmingham have more than 1,000,000 citizens Many interesting sights

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