Презентация на тему "Star Hour. The United Kingdom" по английскому языку

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“The United Kingdom” “Star Hour”

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1. What is the name of the flag of the UK? “The Union Jack” “The Banner” “The Stars and Stripes” St. George’s Flag

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2. Who is the Queen of the UK? Elizabeth I Elizabeth II Margaret Bloody Mary

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3. When was the Great Fire in London? 1606 1699 1666 1124

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4. What is the capital of the UK? Cardiff Washington Edinburgh London

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5. On what river is London situated? Thames Potomak Nile Mississipy

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6. What building can we see on Parliament Square? Buckingham Palace National Gallery The Houses of Parliament Westminster Abbey

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7. Where does the Queen of England live? In the Tower of London In Westminster Abbey In Buckingham Palace In St. Paul’s Cathedral

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8. What is there in the Tower of London now? A museum A prison A fortress A Queen’s residence

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9. What birds are called saint birds of the Tower of London? eagles crows ravens cocks

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10. What park in London is the largest? Hyde Park St. James Park Green Park Regent’s Park

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11. What holiday do English people celebrate on the 14th of February? St. Patrik Day Halloween St. Valentine’s day Mother’s day

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11. What holiday is celebrated on the 31st of October? St. Patrik Day Halloween St. Valentine’s day Mother’s day

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II тур. “Guess the long word”

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III тур. “Foreign literature”

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It is an English writer whose most famous novel is “Robinson Crusoe”: J. Swift D. Defoe Ch. Dickens W. Scott

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2. He wrote his famous novel “Oliver Twist” in 1838: Jack London Conan Doyle Jerome K. Jerome Ch. Dickens

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3. He wrote his famous play “Romeo and Juliet”: B. Show M. Twain W. Shakespeare Jack London

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4. “Tom Sawyer” is famous novel written by a well-known writer: Jerome K. Jerome B. Show M. Twain Jack London

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5. He wrote his famous novel “Treasure Island”: D. Swift W. Scott R. L. Stivenson D. Defoe

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6. This writer began to write detective stories in 1920: 1) Jack London 2) M. Twain 3) Agatha Christie 4) J. Chase

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7. “Brown Wolf” was written by this writer: 1) M. Twain 2) Th. Dreiser 3) Jack London 4) Jerome K. Jerome

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8. English writer best known for his “Jungle Book” about the boy Mawglie: 1) L. Stevenson 2) L. Carrol 3) R. Kipling 4) W. Scott

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IV тур. “Final”

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