Презентация на тему "ST. Valentine 's Day (День Святого Валентина)" по английскому языку

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Текст слайда: Легенда о возникновении праздника Традиции и обычаи праздника Символы дня Работа представлена на английском The project is performed in English Данные об авторе

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Текст слайда: “St. Valentine’s Day” is a festival of friendship, love, romance, affection for all those people who celebrate it. No one really knows the origin of Valentine’s Day. Different legends tell different stories. Now there is one of them. A legend. More than two thousand years ago there lived a man named Valentine in Rome. далее

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Текст слайда: He was a kind-hearted doctor who tried to help everybody. In those days Christianity was a new religion. Valentine became a Christian priest and prayed for the health of his patients. One day he was asked to cure a blind girl. But one day he was arrested because he secretly married the young couples. When the little girl’s father learned about Valentine’s arrest he was upset . Valentine understood that he would be put to death and he asked the girl’s father for a pen and a paper. далее

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Текст слайда: He wrote a farewell note and handed it to him to give it to his blind daughter. Valentine was executed on 14 th February When the girl’s father went home he was greeted by his daughter. The girl opened the note and discovered a yellow crocus inside. The message said “ From your Valentine”. As the girl looked down upon the crocus she saw brilliant colours for the first time in her life. The girl’s eyesight was restored. A miracle. After his death Valentine was named a saint. В начало

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Текст слайда: We show friendly feelings to those whom. We love respect and adore. We send cards and presents with best wishes and congratulations. В начало

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Текст слайда: Cupid with his bow and arrows ( a symbol of love) A ribbon on Valentine’s card (it means that you are tied up- you are my boy or a girl) A lace of Valentine’s card ( you have caught my heart in a net) A red mitten ( it means that his (her) boy (girl) doesn’t like him (her) A coin ( if someone gives you a coin he/she is wishing you to be wealthy Rice and ting-tinkle (звон колоколов) – wedding. В начало

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Текст слайда: Работу выполнила: Герасимова Татьяна Борисовна Учитель английского языка высшей категории МОУ лицей № 15 Январь 2006 г. В начало

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