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Текст слайда: Sights of New York. Выполнили :Дидич Евгений и Омельяненко Артём. Руководитель учитель англ.языка Камалян Арета Ашотовна МОУ СОШ№20. г.Балаково

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Текст слайда: New York. New-York (New York) (officially New York City, in abbreviated form N.Y. And N.Y.C., a nickname «Big apple», Big Apple), a city in the northeast USA, the State of New York. The largest city of the country, together with numerous suburbs forms one of the world's largest city agglomerations. It is located in a mouth of the river Hudson with numerous gulfs and the channels forming convenient harbors. Actually New York occupies the space nearby 800 км2, including a part прилежащего islands Land Islands. It is divided into five large administrative areas (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Stejten-Ajlend) as which borders passages and channels serve. The population of 8,1 million persons (2004), the Big New York together with suburbs of 21,2 million persons (2004), agglomeration of the Big New York together with Philadelphia (the second in the world on number after Tokyo) makes 30,1 million persons (2004). The largest economic, political, trading-financial, scientific and cultural centre of the USA.

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Текст слайда: History of opening and formation of New York. The first of Europeans the New York gulf have opened Italian researcher Dzh. Yes Verrazcano (in 1524) and the English seafarer G.Gudson (in 1609). According to the advice of Hudson, the Dutch Vest-Indsky company in 1626 has based on coast of a gulf settlement under the name New Amsterdam. In 1647-1664 the settlement remains under the aegis of Holland. In 1664 it has been grasped by Englishmen, in 1674 definitively the city became English possession and has been renamed into New York. The city status has received in 1686. In 1700 in a city lived nearby 5 000 the person, the city has been connected to Bronx the bridge the Kings'-bridge. From the middle 18 century became one of the struggle centre for independence. In September 1765 in New York there has passed the stamp duty Congress (meeting of 27 delegates from 9 colonies on which the petition to the king and parliament of England has been made). Since 1766, in a city often there passed skirmishes between the Anti-British organization «Sons of freedom» and the British armies. The first large collision has occurred in January 1770. In 1774 in New York the leaflet with an appeal has been printed to call the Continental congress, the English deputy has been compelled to leave a city before independence has been declared. During war in 1776 for long seven years the city has been occupied by the British armies (New York has fallen into decay, the population was reduced, many buildings have seriously suffered during two strongest fires). Only in 1783 army of J. Washington has occupied a city.

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Текст слайда: Economy. In economy the leading place is occupied with sphere of services. Sewing and polygraph branches are most developed; chemical, a petroleum-refining industry, metal working and mechanical engineering, the food-processing industry, manufacture of furniture, musical instruments, products from a skin, computer accessories, the software. The advertising centre in the country. In a city and its suburbs there are central offices more than 100 American companies from 500 of the largest, including «Carnegie style» (Carnegie Steel), (American Tobacco), «Стандард ойл» (Standard Oil). The New York stock exchange - the world's largest centre of financially-bank operations. Large branch stock exchanges. The largest banks of the country, including Federal reserve bank. The insurance companies. The city has received a nickname of "economic capital of the world». The central establishments of the United Nations and representation of the countries-participants of the United Nations.

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Текст слайда: The large scientific and educational centre of the country. The large scientific and educational centre of the country. Large universities, including the Colombian university (it is based in 1754), the New York university (1831), Rockefeller's (1901) University, Catholic university Formed (1841), the New York city university (1847), a charitable educational institution «the Kuperovsky union» (1859), over 80 colleges. One of the largest in the country the New York public library. New York differs the multinationality, according to census of 2000 in New York lived about 200 various national groups, here there are more than Jews, than in Tel Aviv, it is more than Irish than in Dublin, it is more than Puerto-Ricans than in San Juan. About third of population descendants of the European immigrants, as much make the Spanish-speaking population, one fourth - the Afro-Americans and the one tenth-representatives of the Asian people.

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Текст слайда: Symbol of New York. Symbol of New York and its most well-known monument is Statue of Liberty (it is located on an islet at an input in the New York bay).

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Текст слайда: Symbol of New York.

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Текст слайда: Manhattan. Central area of New York - Manhattan - the small granite island (it is opened in 1524), according to a legend is got by Dutch's at Indians for 24 dollars (more precisely for a beads for this sum). Island (58 км2) will extend along the river Hudson on 21 km at width no more than 4 km between a watercourse and East protowhich. On it 12 avenues going from the north on the south, and 220 perpendicular it of streets are laid. Manhattan is the centre of a huge metropolis, inhabitants of other areas and suburbs name its "city" (the City). Many streets and the city areas (to be exact its centre - Manhattan) are symbols of this or that party of the American validity: Uoll-strit - the centre of a financial life of the country, the Broadway - the theatre life centre, a symbol of the American show business, the Fifth avenue - a symbol of prestige and expensive shops, Madison-avenue - the centre of the American advertising, the Seventh avenue - the centre of the American fashion, Greenwich-village symbolizes the American bohemia, and Harlem is a symbol Afro-Americans Americas.

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Текст слайда: Manhattan.

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Текст слайда: Manhattan.

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Текст слайда: Harlem. Negro area. Рукнер park. Among other sights of Manhattan: the Central park (4 km at length, 800 m at width, only here it is possible to see exits of the radical geological breeds composing island Manhattan) near to which there is an American museum of history of natural sciences (it is based in 1869, 12 scientific departments, large library, here are stored largest of found on the earth the meteorite, sapphire «Star of India» and other finds); the New York museum of the modern art; a building of customs of the USA (1907), a national monument the Federal soldier-hall in the Neogreek style (1842), Episcopal Trinity-church (church of the St. Trinity) in Neurotic style (1846), an Episcopal chapel Saint Paul (St. Paul), City-hall (a town hall, 1811), St. John Bogoslova's cathedral (building is conducted with 1872, the world's largest Gothic cathedral, is located in the Top Manhattan), St. Patrick's cathedral (1850-1878, in Neogothic style, architect Dzh. Ренуик). More than 30 million tourists visit Manhattan annually.

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Текст слайда: Brooklyn. Brooklyn - most densely populated of five administrative areas of New York, is located on island Lond Island, borders on area Queens. Three bridges connect Brooklyn to Manhattan, including the well-known trailing Brooklyn bridge (it is built in 1869-1883, record the then length of flight - 478 m, height of 40,5 m, one of symbols of New York and the American engineering thought). Bridge Verrazano-Nerrouz connects to area Staten-island (it is constructed in 1959-1964, length of flight - 1298 m, 12 numbers, 2 levels, is named in honor of J. Yes Веррацано). Its central business quarter, Sivik-senter, and factories, old churches and cultural institutions remind shipyards that to 1898 Brooklyn was a separate city (it is populated with Dutch's in 1636 and it is named in honors of the Dutch city of Brooklyn, in 1855 it there was a third settlement USA on size). In Brooklyn green parkways and prestigious inhabited quarters have remained.

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Текст слайда: Qweens. Queens - biggest of five New York areas. To 1898 consisted of a number of the small settlements divided by extensive forest-park files and beaches. Since 1920, Queens was actively urbanized, though some micro districts nevertheless have kept the historical shape, and the area most part is made till now by private houses. Longajlend-city - the light industry centre, Forest-Hils - luxurious inhabited micro district. Among ethnic communities are allocated: the Greek Astoria, Latin American Jackson-Hajts and Краун, афроамериканская Джамейка. In the early eighties lodged in Queens immigrants from India, Pakistan, Caribbean basin and Korea. Here there are basic New York airports La-Gvardia and J. F.Kennedy. Queens also is the centre of a sports life (stadium "Sew«, a hippodrome «Акуидакт», park Flashing-medouz where matches of the open championship of the USA on tennis (U.S.Open) are led. Among sights: Company TWA air terminal (1962, architect E.Saarinen) at the international airport of J.F.Kennedy, park Jacobin.

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Текст слайда: Staten-Island. The administrative area Staten-island located on island Staten-island, is least occupied and reminds suburb more. Among old micro districts - Richmond town and Tote well. Before bridge Verrazano Nerrouze opening in 1964 has been connected with Manhattan, other areas and continent only by means of a ferry communication.

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Текст слайда: Список литературы. Энциклопедия Кирила и Мефодия(в цифр.виде.) http://www.sandiegofotki.com/episodes/new-york_photo1.aspx http://www.mynyc.ru/ http://photograph.synnegoria.com/

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Текст слайда: Thank for your attention.

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