Презентация на тему "Найди продолжение. Вопросительные предложения" по английскому языку

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Слайд №1

Текст слайда: Найди продолжение После окончания демонстрации изменения не сохранять! Хмеленок Николай Павлович Вопросительные предложения

Слайд №2

Текст слайда: do you live? old are you? is your name? can play chess? Who What Where How

Слайд №3

Текст слайда: are you not at school? is your birthday? is on this picture? book is this? When What Whose Why

Слайд №4

Текст слайда: do you come home? was your father yesterday? are you not eating an apple? do you go to a doctor? Why When How often Where

Слайд №5

Текст слайда: is it? do you see at school? were you yesterday? dress do you like: red or green? Which What time Whom Where

Слайд №6

Текст слайда: do you do in the morning? is your sister at home? do you watch TV every day? lessons do you have every day? How many How long What Why

Слайд №7

Текст слайда: you like winter? your sister little? your parents old? your mother work? Is Are Does Do

Слайд №8

Текст слайда: this your book? your mother got a sister? they from our school? you got many friends? Have Is Has Are

Слайд №9

Текст слайда: we good children? she at home now? your friend live in London? you often see your friend? Does Are Do Is

Слайд №10

Текст слайда: your town big? do you like to do? the girls in the park? you ride a bike? Can Is What Are

Слайд №11

Текст слайда: your father in London? you this book? you at school yesterday? you go to school yesterday? Were Was Did Have

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