Презентация на тему "Найди продолжение. Путешествие" по английскому языку

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Слайд №1

Текст слайда: Найди продолжение После окончания демонстрации изменения не сохранять! Хмеленок Николай Павлович Путешествие

Слайд №2

Текст слайда: by car. to London? at 20 o’clock. I usually stay at home. On summer holidays The train arrives We usually travel Have you tickets

Слайд №3

Текст слайда: Look at the information desk. suitcases? when the train from London arrive? please go to the fifth platform. Have you many Do you know Who is going to Kiev When does the train arrive?

Слайд №4

Текст слайда: to board the ship. many beautiful sights in Kiev. at the ticket office. there were many passengers. We bought the tickets Sailors help the passengers In the waiting hall We will show you

Слайд №5

Текст слайда: and went to the bus station. this summer. of interesting sights in Kiev. like travelling by car. Young people I took my luggage I am going to stay at home There are a lot

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