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Текст слайда: Moscow in America

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Текст слайда: Plan 1) If there exist such cities as Moscow in America 2) If it’s true, than how many cities are there 3) What is the origin of such names in the USA and is it connected with Russia 4) What exact benefit can this information bring into my life

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Текст слайда: The Origin Of Moscow Moscow is the capital of our country and practically each of its citizens asks oneself what’s the origin of this word Moscow? Unfortunately, there is no definite explanation, but it goes without saying that it is very old. Some scientists think that it is connected with German “Most” ( juice, mash), Latin “mergo” ( to dive), Finnish “Masku”, Czech “Moskva” (bread). According to some of the hypotheses the origin of “Moscow” is connected with the river the city stands on i.e. Moscow-river. One of the most reliable theory says that Moscow originates from the Slavic dialect and means “swampy, sticky”. This theory is rather reliable while in old times upper reaches of Moscow-river used to be very sticky and it flowed out of a swamp “Moscow puddle”.

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Текст слайда: Introduction Since 1800, 49 populated places have been named Moscow in the United States, when young American settlers delineated their new identities by looking to the old established European cities and took from them what most easily brought to mind - their names. Many have disappeared or changed their names. Today, there are 27. Not all of the Moscows are connected to each other. Some belong to groups that relate to a central notion. Others are linked by a form of place-name genealogy by which a linear structure describes the relationships among the Moscow points. For others, the links are unknown, but, even for these, the name Moscow summons the impression of a cultured, mature city, characteristics entirely lacking in the new Moscows of the l800s in the interior of the United States.

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Текст слайда: City State Populattion Moscow Arkansas 8 Moscow Idaho 23164 Moscow Iowa 617 Moscow Kansas 712 Moscow Maine 1174 Moscow Michigan 1445 Moscow Ohio 2056 Moscow Pennsylvania 1883 Moscow Tennessee 3586 Moscow Texas 876 Moscow Vermont 0(?)

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Текст слайда: Moscow, Arkansas Moscow is a wonderful place located in Arkansas. It is 913.7 square miles. Moscow is ranked 658 out of all of the other cities located in the Arkansas and throughout United States. * The Jefferson County, Arkansas, Moscow was chosen either from a geography book or a newspaper (John L. Ferguson, letter to the author, 12 February 1986). Pond near Moscow

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Текст слайда: Moscow, Idaho Moscow is a city in northern Idaho, along the Washington/Idaho border. It is the largest city and county seat of Latah County and the home of the University of Idaho, the land grant institution and primary research university for the state. Eight miles (12 km) to the west is Pullman, Washington and Washington State University, also a land grant college. While the university is the dominant employer in Moscow, the city also serves as an agricultural and commercial hub for the Palouse region. The population was 23,131 in 2008 Moscow is the birthplace of writer Carol Ryrie Brink and singer Josh Ritter.

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Текст слайда: History Miners and farmers began arriving in the northern Idaho area after the Civil War. The first permanent settlers came to the Moscow area in 1871, they informally named the vicinity Hog Heaven. When the first post office opened in 1872, the town was called Paradise Valley (Paradise Creek flows through town, westward to Pullman), but the name was changed to Moscow in 1875. The precise origin of the name Moscow has been disputed, but there is no proof that it was named by a Russian or for the Russian city. It is reported by early settlers that five men in the area met to choose a proper name for the town, but could not come to consensus on a name. The postmaster Samuel Neff then completed the official papers for the town and selected the name Moscow. Interestingly, Neff was born in Moscow, Pennsylvania and later moved to Moscow, Iowa.

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Текст слайда: Moscow, Iowa Moscow is one of the oldest towns in the county. Silas Webster and Charles Drury were the first settlers, arriving from Indiana in 1836. Cemetery records reveal burials as early as 1837 with Webster being the first. James Mitchell opened the first store in 1836 and had a good business with the early settlers and the Indians. William Hendrickson operated the first ferry across the Cedar at this point and a Mr. Miller ran the last in 1885, when a wagon bridge was constructed there. Daniel Henderson laid out the town site and the plat was filed for record on August 18, 1863. In 1854 the railroad passed the town and a railroad bridge was built.

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Текст слайда: Moscow, Kansas, KS One tradition says the community was named for a Colorado pioneer; another says it was named for a member of Francisco Vazquez de Coronado's expedition. Moscow in Stevens County, Kansas, was meant to be named for an officer in Coronado's southwest expedition, a man named Moscoso. Moscow is located in northeastern Stevens County, on highway US-56. It's on the Cimarron Valley Railroad (formerly Santa Fe), which parallels the highway from Dodge City to Elkhart. This is high plains farm country, with vast fields of wheat and maize grown for animal feed. Founded: 1913 Population: 252

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Текст слайда: Moscow, Maine Moscow, in Somerset County, is situated on the eastern bank of Kennebec River, 25 miles N.N.W. of Skowhegan, on the stage-line to the Forks of the Kennebec. The community was named for the Russian city The population, at the time of the 2000 census, was 577

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Текст слайда: This township was a part of Bingham's Kennebec Purchase. According to Williamson, it was settled as early as 1773. The land was surveyed and lotted in 1812, at which time the inhabitants petitioned for incorporation under the name of Northfield. The plantation became somewhat known as Bakerstown, from the number of persons of the name of Baker among the inhabitants, though the original Bakerstown was in Androscoggin County. The act of incorporation was not passed until 1816; and the present name had taken the place of the one proposed in commemoration of the event at the Russian city of that name in the year the petition was made. A Baptist church was established in the town in 1812. The Free Baptist is now the principal religious society in town. The public schoolhouses number seven; and the entire school property is valued at $1,800. The valuation of estates in 1870 was $91,386. In 1880 it was $95,142. The population in 1870 was 528. In 1880 it was 522.

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Текст слайда: Moscow, Michigan, MI Moscow Township is a civil township of Hillsdale County in the U.S. state of Michigan. The population was 1,445 at the 2000 census. The headwaters for the south branch of the Kalamazoo River arise in the south of the township. There is a Headwaters Park located on U.S. Highway 12 near the Township Hall. According to the township web page, Moscow was first called "Little Kalamazoo," and that the name Moscow was chosen by drawing the name out of a hat.

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Текст слайда: The Village of Moscow, Ohio Moscow is a village in Clermont County, Ohio, United States. Moscow was platted in 1816 by Owen Davis. The town may have received it's name from Frenchman who moved to the area who are said to have served under Napoleon at the siege of Moscow, Russia. Over the years, the Village grew in size to include a hotel, bank, grocery, a glass works factory and the famous Moscow Distillery known for its fruit brandies. Moscow was also home to a ferry boat, the Nellie Steele, which played a vital role in transporting people and goods along the Ohio River. Moscow was also home to noted abolitionists, Robert and William Fee. As conductors of the Underground Railroad, the Fee's helped hide and protect escaped slaves during the 1800's. William Fee's home known as Fee Villa, still stands today on the northwest corner of Broadway and Water Streets. William would place candles in the window of his home to signal to slaves that it was safe to enter. Today, the candle-in-the-window image is part of Moscow's Village logo. The logo not only demonstrates Moscow's proud connection to its history, but it also represents the Villages dedication to creating a bright future for all residents, business and visitors.

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Текст слайда: Moscow, Pennsylvania Moscow is a borough in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 1,883 at the 2000 census. Named in the 1830s in honor of Russian immigrants from Moscow. The estimated population, in 2003, was 1,890.

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Текст слайда: Moscow, Tennessee Moscow is a city in Fayette County, Tennessee, United States. The population was 422 at the 2000 census. Moscow was the site of a skirmish during the American Civil War on December 4, 1863. Confederate cavalry under the command of Gen. Stephen D. Lee attempted to burn the railroad bridge over the Wolf River, in order to aid Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest in coming back into Tennessee from Mississippi. They were thwarted by African-American Union troops who were stationed nearby. Union Gen. S. A. Hurlburt wrote of these troops in a dispatch dated December 17, 1863: "The recent affair at Moscow, Tennessee, has demonstrated the fact that colored troops, properly trained and disciplined, can and will fight well."

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Текст слайда: Moscow, Texas Moscow is in Polk County. As of the year 2000, the community had approximately 170 residents Moscow is at the junction of U.S. Highway 59 and Farm Road 350, ninety miles north of Houston in central Polk County. Originally called Green's, the name was changed to Moscow in 1853 after postal authorities rejected the proposed name of Greenville. It is the birthplace of former Governor of Texas William P. Hobby. It is said that gunfighter John Wesley Hardin lived in Moscow for a while. Moscow was a flourishing town at one time with saloons, hotels and mule-drawn street cars. Moscow has one of the most unique and memorable post offices in the Southern United States.

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Текст слайда: All of these places are linked not to each other, but to the central idea of the original Moscow. The dots are again connected to a central dot, their order indicated by the date on which they were named, none related to any other. Moscows of mistaken identity: a few other Moscows are connected to nothing, not to each other and not to any central notion. Like Moscow, Tennessee, they are mistakes; they were never meant to be the name of a Russian city. Moscow in Stevens County, Kansas, was meant to be named for an officer in Coronado's southwest expedition, a man named Moscoso. The residents, in their application for a post ofllce, had shortened it to M-O-S-C-0. A postal clerk in Washington, upon receipt of their petition, being in a helpful spirit, and thinking the hay-seeds in the west did not know their spelling, added a W to the name, changing its meaning completely (The History of Stevens County and Its People 1979)

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Текст слайда: The previous slide shows the number of students in our group who knows about Moscow in the USA. According to this data I can say that my work helped them to learn more about the country so much talked about. As for the last point of my plan, I dare say that I have definite plans concerning my future and these plans are connected with the USA. According to psychology, people ( in America especially) like when foreigners know their history and such kind of people are more likely to be employed. I hope the knowledge I have now will help me in the future. Besides, I enjoyed this work, for I like history.

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