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Текст слайда: IJSC Ingosstrakh

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Текст слайда: Description Open Joint Stock Insurance Company (IJSC) Ingosstrakh has operated in the international and domestic markets since 1947. Today, it is a universal insurer and leader in the Russian insurance market.

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Текст слайда: Business areas Scope of insurance services and also reinsurance. (20 kinds of insurance) Private and corporate clients can insure their property, third-party liability, their reputation.

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Текст слайда: History 02.06.1948 - The Council of Ministers of the USSR approved the Regulation on Foreign Insurance of the USSR (Ingosstrakh). Since 1952-1967 - Many subsidiaries was founded in different countries. There are Pakistan (1953), Egypt (1954), Afghanistan (1955), Algeria (1963), Mali (1963), Cuba (1971), Syria (1958), Lebanon (1961) and Sudan (1964). Late 1980s - The Company started to offer space risks insurance, credit insurance, different types of civil and professional liability insurance 1997 - The Transnational Group Ingosstrakh is created Late 1998s - Ingosstrakh’s network consisted of 42 units in the territory of Russia and 10 subsidiaries and representations in Europe, Asia and America 04.2007 - Ingosstrakh becomes laureate of the “Financial Elite Of Russia” award for the second time.

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Текст слайда: Management style In fact management style of our company is male.

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Текст слайда: Current position Permanent member of a number of Russian associations of insurance companies. Ingosstrakh is a member of a number of professional associations and pools.

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Текст слайда: Main competitors Rosno Rosgosstrakh SOGAZ Reso-Garantia

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Текст слайда: P&L account

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Текст слайда: Literature www.ingos.ru www.reso.ru www.experssgarant.ru www.expert.ru www.rbc.ru

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Текст слайда: Pakistan - 1953 Egypt - 1954 Afghanistan- 1955 Algeria - 1963 Mali - 1963 Cuba - 1971 Syria - 1958 Lebanon - 1961 Sudan - 1964

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