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b p o t a t o e f p f i i t b c q a f o e e e j u i c e v u l q i r n x o z b y a g g p s z f s g c m x t e a v f i s h y j s i d j e x u i o a d u g l e d i p e m j y h o w c l s o n a t l y g v r f

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Toasts: 1.Cut a slice of bread 2.Put it in the toaster 3.Wait a minute. It’s ready! 4.Put the toast on your plate. Put some butter , jam or cheese on it. Enjoy it.

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Scrambled eggs: 1.Breake three eggs and drop them in a bowl. 2.Add some salt and some milk. 3.Mix the eggs with a spoon. 4.Oil the pan. 5.Put it on the stove to heat it up. 6.Pour the eggs-mixture into the pan and cook it. 7.Put it on your plate and enjoy it.

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Sandwich: 1.Cut a slice of bread. 2.Cut a slice of sausage, cheese and cucumber. 3.Put sausage, cheese and cucumber on the bread. 4.Enjoy it

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Bun: 1.Mix the flour and bakony powder. 2.Add the butter, sugar, raisins, an egg and milk. 3.Roll out the pastry. 4.Bake 20 minute in a hot oven.

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I’d like to try….. I think ….. It’s great. It’s wonderful! It’s lovely! It’s very tasty! It’s delicious! It’s very nice! It’s fantastic! It’s very good!

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MENU Pizzas Cheese sandwich Baked potato Apple pie Coffee Fruit salad Tea Ice cream Milk Mineral water Juice Coke Hot chocolate Soup Roast chicken Fish and chips Ham sandwich

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