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Текст слайда: Do your parents understand you?

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Текст слайда: The list of problems that teenagers may have with their parents Parents: 1.make their children do chores 2.nag their children about their friends 3.don't give their children any pocket money 4.control their children 5.don't understand their children 6.don't respect their children 7.don't trust their children 8.check that their children have done their homework 9.don't let them decide who they should be 10.hate their girlfriends and boyfriends 11.don't like their children's friends 12. don't like their children's music 13.don't pay attention to their children 14.punish their children for everything 15.lecture their children 16.are angry with their children for their behaviour 17.treat their teenager like a child 18. are angry with their children when they are late again

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Текст слайда: They want to let them go out with their friends

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Текст слайда: They want to have a lot of pocket money and sometimes to earn it

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Текст слайда: They want to enjoy themselves and have fun smoking and drinking bear

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Текст слайда: Teenagers want their parents to leave them alone

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Текст слайда: They don’t want to treat them like children

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Текст слайда: Teenagers want their parents to understand, to respect and to trust them

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Текст слайда: Do you think the parents know about their teenager’ s problems? Do you think the teenagers know about their parent ’s problems? Is a compromise possible? What kind of compromise would you suggest? Can the parents change their behavior? What should they do? Can the teenagers change their behavior? What should they do?

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Текст слайда: They want to have a happy family and to spend all free time together

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Текст слайда: Thank you!

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