Презентация на тему "Direct and indirect speech" по английскому языку

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Слайд №1

Текст слайда: DIRECT AND INDIRECT SPEECH ПРЯМАЯ И КОСВЕННАЯ РЕЧЬ Жидкова Екатерина Вадимовна, МОУ лицей № 39, город Нижний Тагил

Слайд №2

Текст слайда: Побудительные предложения + “ Open the door!” He said to ( v ) … (told, asked, replied) He said to open the door. - “ Don’t open the door!” He said not to ( V ) … He said not to open the door.

Слайд №3

Текст слайда: Mary: “ Come to see me.” Jim : “ Give me this jacket, please.” Mother: “ Betty, don’t touch the gas!” Father: “ Pick the things, Johnny!” Brother : “ Don’t put your dirty boots on the carpet! Lily: “ Don’t miss your school!” Jane: “ William, will you, please, carry this heavy box for me?” The pilot: “ Don’t leave your sits during the flight!” The guide: “ Get ready by two o’clock!”

Слайд №4

Текст слайда: УТВЕРДИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ ( НАСТОЯЩЕЕ ВРЕМЯ) ------------ =========== I live in N. Tagil. (прошедшее время) He said, (that) ---------- ======== . Слова автора прямая речь He said, that he lived in Nizhny Tagil. ( told, asked, answered, replied, explained)

Слайд №5

Текст слайда: Необходимые изменения I – she, he We- they My – his, her Our – their This – that These – those You – I, we Today- that day

Слайд №6

Текст слайда: Granny : “ I’m looking for my glasses.” Robert : “ Our team is winning the game!” Jack : “ This is my friend? Dick.” Mother : “ It’s very hot this week.” Edward : “ I expect you to come at six.” James : “ The train leaves at 2 o’clock.” The old man : “ It’s going to rain!” The teacher : “ It takes you half an hour to do the test.” The driver : “ We have arrived at the airport.” The guide : “ The city has greatly changed since the war.”

Слайд №7

Текст слайда: Вопросительные предложения ( общий вопрос) Ò -------- ======== ? ( обратный порядок слов) Do you like apples? He asked, if (whether)--------- ========. (прямой порядок слов) He asked her, if she liked apples. (wonder, want to know, be interested in)

Слайд №8

Текст слайда: John (to his friend): “ Have you seen the film?” Mother (to her son): “ Do you study on Sunday?” Granny (to Bill): “ Is the telephone ringing?” The teacher (to the pupils): “ Do you prefer books on science or on literature?” Tom (to his friend): “ Do you know the result of the match?” The daughter (to her mother): “ Is the dinner ready, Mum?” A woman (to a postman): “ Have you got a stamp?” A pupil (to a teacher): “ Am I late?” Jane (to Sue): “ Does your brother go to school?” Pete (to his brother): “ Are there any letters for me today?”

Слайд №9

Текст слайда: Вопросительные предложения (специальный вопрос) █ Ò ------- =======? (обратный порядок слов) Where do you live? He asked █ ---------- =========? (прямой порядок слов) He asked where she lived.

Слайд №10

Текст слайда: The teacher: “ Why are you late, John?” Lusy (to her friend): “ Where have you been?” Peter: “ What are you looking for, granny?” Mother (to the shop assistant): “ How much does the sausage cost?” A Woman (to her friend): “ What are they selling in that department?” Betty (to Jane): “ What do you usually do in the evening?” Jack (to Mike): “ Who plays the main part?” A boy (to a girl): “ Why do you laugh at me?” A driver to a policeman: “ Where does this road lead to?”

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