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Текст слайда: Работа ученицы 7класса А школы №169 МИОО Водяниковой Кристины, под руководством учителя английского языка Прониной Надежды Викторовны

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Текст слайда: В каждом языке есть множество разных идиом, и в этой работе я хочу показать вам какие цветовые идиомы бывают в Англии .

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Текст слайда: LOCAL COLOUR All the traditional features of a place that give it its own character and make it special. SEE THE COLOUR OF SB’S MONEY To make sure that someone , especially someone who you do not trust, has enough money to pay you for what they want.

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Текст слайда: DO STH WITH FLYING COLOURS If someone passes the exams or completes the test with flying colours , they are very successful in it. SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS To let people see your true feelings or opinions about a subject , after you have been hiding them.

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Текст слайда: A RED-LETTER DAY Used about a very special day, when something exciting or important happens. BE IN THE RED To have no money in your bank account. To paint the town red Have an enjoyable time.

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Текст слайда: GREEN AROUND THE GILLS Looking sick or pale because you are shocked, afraid , or ill. GREEN WITH ENVY Someone is very upset or annoyed. THE RUB OF THE GREEN Good luck in a game involving.

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Текст слайда: BE/GET BROWNED OFF Spoken to become bored with something that you are doing, or annoyed by something that keeps happening.

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Текст слайда: IN BLACK AND WHITE If a fact , agreement , or promise is in black and white , it is written dawn so that everyone can see exactly what it is. BE IN THE BLACK To have money in your bank account.

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Текст слайда: BE BORN TO THE PURPLE Used in order to say that someone’s family is at the highest level of society.

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Текст слайда: A SHRIKING VIOLET Used about someone who is very shy and easily frightened.

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Текст слайда: WRITER THAN WHITE Used about some one who is always honest and always does what is morally right, so that they sometimes seem too good to be believed.

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Текст слайда: IN A BLUE FUNK Very unhappy or worried about something. OUT OF THE BLUE If something happens or someone does something out of the blue , you have no reason to expect it and it surprises you.

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Текст слайда: BE TICKLED PINK To be very pleased that something has happened. IN THE PINK Feeling very healthy.

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Текст слайда: Idioms Dictionary .Longman Intermediate Dictionary .Collins Cobuild Dictionary of English Language and Culture.Longman

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