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Britain: Traditions, Customs and Holidays The English Year

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British Holidays Christmas St. Valentine’s Day Easter Hallowe’en

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CHRISTMAS Every year there is a very big Christmas tree in the centre of London, in Trafalgar Square. In the evening before Christmas people like to come to Trafalgar Square to look at the tree.

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Christmas Day is a family holiday. It is the time when all the family gets together. Little children believe that when they are asleep Santa Claus comes with a big bag of toys.

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Children often hang up large stockings over the fireplace or near their beds for presents.

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For Christmas dinner people eat traditional food: turkey, potatoes and green vegetables. Then they have the Christmas pudding. At 5 o’clock it’s time for tea and Christmas cake.

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The 14th of February is St. Valentine’s Day People buy or make Valentine cards and send them to people they love. They don’t sign them – you must guess who sent the card to you.

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There are different cards to all tastes

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EASTER EGGS Easter eggs, Easter eggs Eggs of red and blue. Here are lots of coloured eggs All for me and you.

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Easter is time to give and to get presents. rabbit comes and leaves eggs for children. It is a symbol of Easter festival and it is called Easter Bunny. On Easter Sunday children get chocolate Easter eggs or rabbits. You can buy them at any sweet shop in the weeks before Easter.

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On the 31st of October in Great Britain there is a nice holiday for children – Hallowe’en People put pump-kins on the window-sills. They draw eyes, noses and mouths on the pumpkins and put candles into them. So the pumpkins look like a face.

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Children dress up in funny clothes and have a party where they play games, dance and laugh a lot. They go from house to house and say “Trick or treat”. People give them sweets, fruit, cakes, biscuits or money.

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a holiday When is it celebrated? What do people usually do? Whom do you invite or visit? Where do you usually go? What is your favourite festival?