Открытый урок для 3 класса по теме: "День Рожденья (Happy Birthday)"

Маршалкина Татьяна Александровна, учитель английского языка, МКОУ «СОШ №9» ст. Темнолесская

Открытый урок

3 класс

Тема: День Рожденья (Happy Birthday)

Тип урока: комбинированный

Ход урока:

  • Good morning, children. I’m glad to see you. We start our lesson. Tell me, please. What is the theme of our today’s lesson? (№ 1)

  • Jim’s birthday

  • What date is today? (№2)

  • Today is the 10th of February

  • Today is the 10th of February. And today we have an unusual lesson. Today we’re going to Jim, because he has a birthday. And we must congratulate him. (перевод).

  • Would you like to go to the birthday party?

  • Yes, I would.

  • But at first I’d like to check your homework. What was your homework for today?

  • Ex.1, 3 at page 46 (homework)

  • And now let’s do the morning exercise. Stand up, please.

  • Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,

  • Look around. (оглядеться вокруг)

  • Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,

  • Touch the ground. (дотронуться до земли)

  • Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,

  • Switch off the light. (выключить свет)

  • Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,  

  • SayGood night (сделать вид, что ложитесь спать)

  • Thank you. Children, look at the blackboard. (№3) Mr. Rule has come for our lesson to explain the rule. (читаемпереводимищем различияделаем выводы). Make up some sentences with these word combinations, please. (перевод) Eg.: I play football \ I play with my friend.

  • ____

  • Ok. Fine. Before going to Jim’s birthday party, look at the blackboard and let’s talk about what presents can you make for him. (перевод). Look at the blackboard. (презентация : слайд №4)

My present is a ball. And what is your present for Jim, Vlad?

  • Ok. I see we are ready to go to Jim’s birthday party. Let’s remember and sing the birthday song for Jim. (поем песню)

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, my dear friend,

Happy birthday to you

  • Let’s continue our lesson. Ex.3. at p. 73. Read the task to this ex. (презентация: слайд №5. У. 3 с.73)

  1. Jim’s birthday is on the 10th of February.

  2. Jim has got puzzle, a ball, teddy bear, scooter, computer, player, roller skates for his birthday.

  3. They have got a birthday cake together / at Jim’s birthday party.

  4. Pam likes to play with teddy bear. Jim and Martin like to play computer games.

Jill and Mary like to play puzzles. Billy likes to play football. Thomas likes to listen to music.

  • Well done. Look at the ex. 6. at p. 74 Read the task, please, …

Now I’ll give you such papers with the questions. You have 2 minutes to answer them and then we’ll do it together///

Do you like to play football, Olga? – Yes, I do

Olga, ask Dasha. (Work in a chain)


  • Thank you. Very nice. And now I’d like to tell you about your homework for the next lesson: ex. 4, at p. 47 in your workbooks. For the next lesson write, please, when is your birthday. Вы напишите на следующий урок о том, когда ваш День Рождения и как вы его отмечаете.

  • Eg.: My birthday is on the 29th of May. I have got a birthday party. My friends and I play computer games. We sing and dance together.

  • Thank you for the lesson. You have worked very well. Your marks are… You may be free. Good Bye.

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